Madrasa links its content with UAE's distance learning drive

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Dubai - Madrasa e-learning platform provides more than 5,000 educational videos in math, science and Arabic language.


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Published: Mon 9 Mar 2020, 7:05 PM

Last updated: Mon 9 Mar 2020, 9:10 PM

In line with the UAE's Distance Learning initiative, launched earlier by the Ministry of Education, Madrasa e-learning platform has boosted its free online content.
Under the umbrella of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), Madrasa e-learning platform provides more than 5,000 educational videos in math, science and Arabic language that cater to students from kindergarten to Grade 12.
The platform complements and supports the Distance Learning initiative, which the Ministry of Education launched this month, through providing high-quality and interactive online educational material to students in public and private schools in the UAE and across the region.
As part of the collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Madrasa has conducted over 35 teacher workshops in 26 ministry-affiliated training centres across the country, enabling 1,356 teachers and educators to utilise the innovative online platform in classrooms.
Madrasa's online content has been connected with the ministry's smart learning platform to facilitate access to high-quality educational material.
Comprehensive educational system
Jameela Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education, said: "Implementing the Distance Learning scheme presents a fundamental step that aims to complement the advanced digital infrastructure of the UAE and strengthens the country's leading position in applying advanced technologies across different aspects of life."
She added: "The scheme complements modern e-learning that enhances the educational experience of students in different circumstances."
Al Muhairi noted that the high-quality content offered through Madrasa e-learning platform enriches the educational system of the UAE and the region through its accessibility to students, teachers and parents.
"The innovative content of Madrasa based on the latest international curricula approved in the UAE and the Arab world supports the learning experience of students especially in math, science and Arabic language and establishes a comprehensive educational system."
Al Muhairi said that the Distance Learning scheme has proven its efficiency and success during the trial period in schools across the country. "We aim to foster the culture of smart learning that allows students to continue their educational process under any circumstances and in any place. In collaboration with e-learning platforms like Madrasa, the scheme aims to promote self-learning and enrich the learning experience even during emergencies."
The minister pointed to the collaboration between the ministry and Madrasa e-learning platform that was manifested in teacher training workshops to incorporate the online content with school curricula.
Earlier in March, the UAE Ministry of Education began implementing Distance Learning scheme to enable second-cycle and third-cycle students to continue their learning process outside classrooms. The initiative allows students to interact with teachers remotely, access their educational material and even download textbooks through online accounts on computers and iPads. Through the digital platform, teachers can record lessons by voice or through pre-recorded sessions.
Supporting educational process
Saeed Al Eter, assistant secretary-general of the MBRGI, said: "The integration between Madrasa's unique educational content and the Ministry of Education's Distance Learning initiative strengthens Madrasa's role as a supporter of educational systems that meets future changes in the UAE and the region. Madrasa aims to continue applying innovation in the educational process and supporting students, teachers and parents to keep pace with modern educational trends and latest curricula."

What's Madrasa platform?
In October 2018, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched Madrasa (, the Arab World's biggest eLearning educational platform that provides 5,000 free Arabised videos in general science, math, biology, chemistry and physics to students from kindergarten to Grade 12.
The MBRGI received 52,000 volunteering teachers, engineers, researchers, university students, government employees, technicians and graphic designers across the Arab World who applied to contribute to the platform in fields of translation, voiceover and video production, and publication.
For a year, over 300 translators, university students, proofreaders, designers and voiceover artists worked for hundreds of thousands of hours to produce the content on the eLearning platform.

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