Look: Dubai YouTuber is only passenger in Emirates flight first class

Dubai - It was like flying in a private jet, says Indian YouTuber

By Waheed Abbas

Published: Sun 14 Mar 2021, 4:07 AM

Have you ever imagined flying alone in the first class with Emirates airline?

Gaurav Chaudhry, an Indian YouTuber based in Dubai, just enjoyed this experience as he flew from New Delhi to Dubai.

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“I am alone in this first class… I have placed my order for breakfast and now I am trying lemon with honey in boiled water to cleanse my throat,” says Chaudhry in his latest video.

“I am going to experience the entire first class, explore everything onboard. Did you ever experience this? I am alone in this entire section,” says Chaudhry, who has 4.79 million followers on YouTube, while showing the state-of-the-art technology of the Emirates airline’s first class.

The video has garnered over 880,000 views and 106,000-plus likes in under two days.

“I fully enjoy the services provided by Emirates. I got what I wanted. But the most important is the Internet. I am connected to WiFi. The Internet speed is 10.1mbps for downloads and 2.96mbps for uploads.

"You don’t get these speeds even on the ground,” says the YouTuber.

“This is us, this is our table and this is unboxing of Emirates’ Travel Hygiene Kit,” says Gaurav, emulating the famous Pakistan girl whose video of 'Pawri ho rahi' broke the Internet last month.

“Now my meal is ready and I’ll move from ‘living room’ to ‘dining room’ for breakfast. This is a special feeling ... there’s nobody in the first class in Boeing 777; it is akin to enjoying a private jet.”

Upon arrival at the Dubai International, Chaudhry takes a Covid-19 test.

He completes immigration procedures in under 10 minutes.

“After collecting my luggage, I will be heading to my home,” says the Dubai-based YouTuber in his 12-minute video.


Photo: @TechnicalGuruji/Twitter
Photo: @TechnicalGuruji/Twitter

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