Look: 15 long-running stores recognised as 'Urban Treasures' in Abu Dhabi

These businesses have been part of the cultural fabric of the emirate for decades


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Tue 5 Jul 2022, 6:39 PM

Fifteen businesses in Abu Dhabi - ranging from carpet shops to restaurants - were recognised by the emirate's Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT). They were awarded the 'Urban Treasures' accolade.

'Urban Treasures' is a new initiative to honour businesses that have been a part of the of the cultural landscape of Abu Dhabi for over 20 years.

Here are the selected businesses this year:

India Palace Restaurant

India Palace is an exciting new concept in casual dining: Indian fare, curated by India Palace. The menu combines Indian cuisine and a rich heritage of Mughlai hospitality, resulting a tempting selection of delicious, wholesome food and beverages served in a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The first India Palace opened in 1997 in the UAE. The restaurant has many branches in prestigious locations in Abu Dhabi, including Al Salam, Mushrif Mall, Mazyad Mall, Deerfields Mall and Dalma Mall.

Al Ibrahimi Restaurant

This is a well-known Pakistani eatery that now has nine branches across the UAE. Al Ibrahimi Restaurant opened its first outlet in Abu Dhabi in 1993. The restaurant has two main branches in Abu Dhabi city- one is located along Electra Street and the second branch is located behind Madinat Zayed Shopping Mall.

Al Raiqa Dates and Fruits Trading

The supermarket and dates shops is located Abu Dhabi’s Al Mina area. It is one of the leading retail and wholesale distributors of Dates fruit. The business shop is located in Mina Vegetable and Fruit Market near Mina Zayed - Abu Dhabi.

Al Safa Carpet

The family opened its first stop in Abu Dhabi’s Mina area, a downtown market in Abu Dhabi in 1996. The Mina Zayed carpet market, which was established by Shaikh Zayed to help poor retailers, is well-known for its wide variety of rugs sold at a bargain. The place housed more than 50 businesses owned mostly by Afghan traders.

All Prints

Located on Sheikh Saif Bin Butti Building, Al Nasr Street in Abu Dhabi, the company opened its first book store in Abu Dhabi in 1968. The firm provides educational and distribution services to schools and universities in the UAE.

Jashanmal National Company

The firm opened its first department store in Abu Dhabi in 1964.The company works in small business, general traders, electrical goods and kids business activities. Its main Abu Dhabi branch is located at Marina Mall - Corniche Rd W - Al Marina in Abu Dhabi.

Al Sultan Bakeries and Markets

Al Sultan is a chain of bakeries in Abu Dhabi that serve bread, manakesh, Arabic and international sweet, cakes, birthday and wedding cakes. The firm opened its first bakery and supermarket in Abu Dhabi in 1990.

Lebanon Flower Bakery (LFB)

Lebanon Flower Bakery LLC (LFB) is based and incorporated in Abu Dhabi with headquarters in Mussafah area. The business, which opened in Abu Dhabi in 1972, serves as a local leader in the retail bakery food industry channel. LFB has gained a strong market reputation for producing high quality but with very modest price. Its products include mini pizza, croissants, breads, pastries, biscuits and others.

Bu Tafish Restaurant

Founded in 1968, Bu Tafish Seafood Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Abu Dhabi. It was originally a street food stall run by a Palestinian who got the nickname Bu Tafish from the late Sheikh Zayed, one of the food's biggest fans. The interior might feel like a hotel lobby—automatic glass doors, beige walls, orchids—but what it lacks in style it makes up for in flavor. The restaurant is located on C14 Building, Near Khalifa Corporation, 16th Street in Abu Dhabi.

Tripoli Sweets

This candy store which offers some of the best variety of authentic Arabian sweets in Abu Dhabi was opened in 1987. It is located at Abdur Rahman Al Hamily Building - 12th Street, in Khalidiya area of Abu Dhabi.

Malik and Shaheed Stores

This is a tailors' trimmings company in the garments and clothings. Malik and Shaheed opened its first fabric shop in Abu Dhabi in 1992. It is a well-recognised fabric store located in Abu Dhabi’s Madinat Zayed area.

Al Dhafra Restaurant

The restaurant opened its first Arabian seafood restaurant in the heart of Abu Dhabi at Mina Zayed in 1993. Al Dhafra Restaurant represents the authentic significant Emirati heritage. Serving both the Emirati and the International cuisines from sea food, Mediterranean & oriental dishes to the international meals. With an authentic Emirati character, the restaurant has presented a rich inherited Emirati experience from the fresh fish market and varieties of genuine Emirati and exquisite international cuisines.

Zahrat Lebanon

This well-loved restaurant is identified as one of Abu-Dhabi's culinary landmarks since 1983. The restaurant chain offers authentic Lebanese cuisine and have been a pioneer in the F&B market for over 35 years.

Corniche Automatic Bakeries and Markets

The company opened its first bakery and supermarket in Abu Dhabi in 1988. It is one of best bakeries in Abu Dhabi for Arabic bread, pastries and cakes or sweets, Manakish, cheese, zaatar as well as grocery store.

Al Aqssa Sweets

The sweet shop along Salam Street specialises in Arabian treats like knafeh, warbat and basboosa, and has been serving different customers since 1980.


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