KT For Good: Bad habits that keep people away from their fitness goals

KT For Good: Bad habits that keep people away from their fitness goals

As the ongoing Dubai Fitness Challenge grips the city, health experts have also offered tips residents can follow daily.

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By Sarwat Nasir

Published: Sun 20 Oct 2019, 11:32 PM

Last updated: Mon 21 Oct 2019, 8:30 AM

Nutritionists and fitness trainers have revealed some common "lazy habits" and "mistakes" people do during their journey to a healthier lifestyle.
As the ongoing Dubai Fitness Challenge grips the city, health experts have also offered tips residents can follow daily.
A clinical dietitian in Dubai, Yasmine Haddad, said most people "find it hard to be disciplined and motivated" even though the emirate offers several exercise opportunities.
"Workout sessions should be planned, close by, enjoyable, and diverse. An exercise session should be an activity to look forward to and a way to de-stress, improve your mood, and connect with people, family or with yourself," Haddad said.
For those who are starting a fitness routine, she shared a few reminders people often forget.
"People tend to neglect drinking water and planning their meals around their sessions," she said.
Haddad added that proper breathing is also a must. "Breathing correctly is essential while exercising, as it helps with our posture and reduces stress."
Regardless of the proven benefits of exercise, some are just too "lazy" to get into it. And Vibhor Adhran - a fitness trainer at Dubai's Metrofitt - have already encountered countless reasons behind it, including "lack of support from family and friends, stressful work environment, and meaningless excuses".
He has also observed that people tend to give up on their regime as they feel it's "too complicated", with some ending up chasing after quick-fix diets.
"Laziness is not your body's way of telling you it needs rest. It's more about the mental state," he said, adding that there are changes a person can make to kick-start their journey to a healthier life.
"Make a timetable of your eating patterns, especially the time you're supposed to eat at," he said.
While eating healthy is essential, the fitness trainer said there's nothing wrong about satisfying some cravings once in a while. "It's important to have a cheat meal to keep yourself sane." 

'Mums, we need to take care of ourselves and get moving'
Stay-at-home mums live a busy life as they look after their kids and their homes and support their families in many different aspects. However, taking care of their own fitness should be part of their routines, too.
A Dubai-based mum of three, Sonal Chhibber, has accepted the Dubai Fitness Challenge this year to keep herself fit and healthy and support the community initiative. Even though regular exercise has been part of her life for the past three years, Chhibber hopes the challenge will also get more of her family and friends involved.
"I exercise regularly and I love taking part in different activities, such as races, Zumba, ziplining, yoga and swimming," she said.
"The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a great initiative that really brings the family together. Some people don't do any exercise and this challenge will really get people moving."
Chhibber is one of those who can prove the wonders that an active lifestyle can do to one's body. "It helped improve not just my physical health, but mental well-being, too. I feel more at peace and happy today.
"We just need a bit of self-discipline, courage and commitment. My tips to all busy mums: Start your day right, have a detoxifying drink after you get up, then after kids go to school, please go for a walk or yoga session."

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