KT Diversions/ Expressions: So, have you seen KT's best feature(s) yet?

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 KT Diversions/ Expressions: So, have you seen KTs best feature(s) yet?

We have over a dozen pages on the weekend. It's a smörgåsbord out here!

By Team KT

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Published: Sat 4 Mar 2017, 7:11 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Mar 2017, 7:52 AM

On a weekend, when you open the newspaper, what do you expect? Something relevant, something interesting, something newsy? Do you want to know the cool, offbeat stuff happening in your city, in the UAE, indeed in the world? That's what we thought. Which is why, on Friday and Saturday, in the main paper, we have a section called Diversions and Expressions. These are the features pages. And they're brimming with topics people are talking about, stuff you want to be clued into. The content on these pages is what you might call leisure reading. It's useful, it's informative, it's sticky.
We have over a dozen pages on the weekend. It's a smörgåsbord out here! Hey, maybe we'll do a story on smörgåsbords. Tell you where you can find them in Dubai - that's what we mean, there's a little bit of everything. We have a double spread (newspaper-speak for two-pages with no break in the middle, think of the calendars) on food on Friday. This is the trailblazer of our My Kind Of series - My Kind of Food is out every Friday, a lowdown on the best of cuisines, cooking tips, recipes, the works. We also have some great voices coming through in these pages. Talking Point, for instance, is where wknd. editor Sushmita Bose gives you the lowdown on what's in the news.
On Saturday, we come to you with a peek into the lives of residents here from different places - over 200 nationalities, but  you already knew that. That's My Kind of Community. We'll tell you exactly how many Italians live in the UAE, what the Japanese do in their down time, and where the Brazilians like to jiu-jitsu.
Every Saturday, we have our girl-about-town, Kelly Clarke, in a page called Conversations taking the mickey out of people - ha! but not always. She talks about the people she's met, and engaged with.

We have other decidedly good pages, even if we say so ourselves - the Books page, for one. Did you see our piece on what Trump is reading these days? (a book on Hillary, for one!) We have a page called Urban Tales where one of us hacks takes you around town, to a coffee museum or to a farmer's market, underlying what's cool and quirky about the emirates. Our style and design pages have an expert in the field, our fashion editor Sujata Assomull, explaining to you recent trends and interests of the well-heeled.
And it's not just the content - maybe you've noticed, the pages look different. They're designed by a special team who know their illustrations, their colours, and how to play around with design in a newspaper. We're keeping it simple, yet edgy. Eye-catching enough without it being an overkill. On good days, we're trying to get subtlety back. On other (still not-bad) days, we're more in your face. Watch out!

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