Jet skis banned in RAK creeks

Jet skis banned in RAK creeks
A campaign to clean up the eight creeks will start today.

Ras Al Khaimah - Move meant to prevent jet skis from disturbing the marine environment

Jet ski riders shall not be able to practise their favourite hobby at any of the eight creeks in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah any longer following a fresh ban.
A senior official with the RAK Department of Public Works and Services said the creeks of the emirate are protected areas.
Ahmed Hamad Al Shehi, manager of public services with the department, said the ban is applicable to all the eight creeks in the emirate. "The move is meant to prevent jet skis from disturbing the marine environment and troubling the surface waters which kill small fishes, and destroy bird nests and fish eggs."
The movement of marine mammals is disturbed as well, whereas the oil and chemicals dumped or leaked from the jet skis into the creek badly harm and affect the water, he added.
"The department has also received several complaints from the public about young people jet skiing in the Qarm sanctuary and at the Qawasim Corniche on a daily basis."
Al Shehi said the department is all set to launch a massive campaign to clean the eight creeks in the emirate as of April 9- 15. "Up to 150 divers and four specialised companies are to participate in the seven-day campaign, the biggest in the country, under the theme 'Marine environment, our responsibility.'
The four companies are to remove bigger wastes from the eight creeks which include about 28 drowned boats, tens of fishing nets and fish breeding containers, and torn tyres mainly at the Khor Al Qarm."
Big-size wastes, particularly drowned boats and fishing nets are to be removed by, he underlined. "The wastes to be collected are to be moved to an assembly point, and will then be dumped at the landfill."

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