IGCF: Arab youth icon makes bold appeal for change

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Sharjah - The artist calls for building resilience and skills to overcome adversity


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 27 Sep 2021, 4:48 PM

Popular Lebanese poet, singer, actress and visual storyteller, Remie Akl, captivated the audience at the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) with her poignant words and digital visual storytelling skills as she urged Arab youth to strive for positive change in society.

In an Inspirational talk session on Monday titled, ‘Where I Get my Strength From’, the youth icon combined music, poetry and powerful visuals to make a bold call for change, imploring the youth to utilise their energy and inner strength in shaping the future of their communities and driving efforts to bring about the change they desire.

Her eloquent poetry was set against a visual narrative about childhood. The spoken word artist called for building resilience and skills to overcome adversity, while also making an impassioned cry against all forms of injustice.

Taking to the stage, the innovative storyteller told the IGCF audience that her inspiration “comes from my heart, my daily life, my days and my nights”.

Akl, who relies on soft, soothing words to convey the spirit of her thoughts and ideas, said she did not believe in deploying words that incite anger.

“Angry words generate violence – both verbal and physical -- and stimulate dangerous emotions. Fighting fire with fire is damaging,” said Remie, who prefers to use the inherent beauty of the Arabic language to deliver her powerful messages.

The Arab youth icon who “wishes to leave the world more beautiful” than when she entered it, said her family remains a great source of her strength.

“I also derive my power from the word ‘no’; from those who question my ability to make it big in life, from my rash activities, my right decisions, my weaknesses, and from my prayers and my untiring efforts," she added.

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