'I miss my children on Diwali; wish I could be home'

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I miss my children on Diwali; wish I could be home

Dubai - He remembers burning fire crackers with his younger son who, he says, is very fond of him.

By Sana Altaf

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Published: Sun 30 Oct 2016, 1:45 PM

Last updated: Sun 30 Oct 2016, 5:26 PM

For the past four years, Nitesh doesn't remember the dates of Diwali. The day lost meaning for him when he left his family to work in Dubai. It has been four years since he celebrated Diwali with his family.
Working as a cleaner in a residential area, 34-year-old Nitesh from India says the day only brings painful memories.
"Back home, I would be making preparations for Diwali; buying gifts for family, children and decorating the home. All that now seems like a dream. But here it's like a usual day."
He remembers burning fire crackers with his younger son who, he says, is very fond of him.
"But I had to leave home to support my old parents, my wife and two children."
Nitesh does not get any off day on Diwali. He works normally on the day.
"All that I do is pray and call my family and friends to wish them."
Twenty-nine year old Neeta does not know when she will be able to celebrate Diwali with her children in Nepal. She has been working in Dubai for 20 months in a cleaning company.
"We do not get any leave before completing two years. I will not be able to go home anytime soon," says Neeta.
Neeta is the sole breadwinner for her family after her husband passed away.
"I have to take the responsibility of a man. I am alone here but have learnt to survive."
Back home, Neeta recalls decorating her small house with candles.
" I used to wear new clothes and visit my friends and family. But now, everything has changed. I do not get off day on Diwali as well. I work as usual."
Mother of three children, T.K waits for the day she would be with her family on Diwali. She has not seen her children for the past three years.
"I really miss my children on Diwali. We used to have lot of fun. But now we are alone here. My husband and I do not even get to meet on Diwali because we both have working days here."
Working as security guard, Vikas spends his Diwali days by seeing pictures of his family celebrating Diwali in India.
He has been living in Dubai for six years and has only celebrated one Diwali with his family since.
"Diwali is meant to be celebrated with family. When you are away from them, the festival loses its charm. My family keeps sending me pictures which make me happy."
Working as an office boy, A.L from India wishes for off days on Diwali. He says the day could be celebrated with friends and acquaintances.
"We may be away from our families but we have friends here. If we had off day, we all could get together and celebrate. We would not miss home much."
He says he often wishes to light few candles in his accommodation, "But our company does not allow that."

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