How we came into existence

How we came into existence

God has shown us His signs, by way of His creations, so that we may reflect

By Khwaja Mohammed Zubair/Reflections

Published: Mon 13 Jul 2015, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Mon 22 May 2017, 5:36 PM

If we examine our self and our weak body, then compare our weakness with the other creatures and take into account our achievements, victories and successes over other creatures we will be wonderstruck. It is a point for consideration that how we humans came into existence from a semen drop that was converted into a clot of blood, and then into a piece of flesh.
Again, this flesh is turned into a soft bone which is later covered with flesh. This flesh on the bone is again decorated with clean skin and the head, the treasure of wisdom, which is safeguarded by the fine silky hair and then sent into this world. The fact has been clearly described in the following Quranic verses: "Then We made the drop of sperm a clot of blood, then We made the clot of blood a lump of flesh, then We made bones out of that lump of flesh and dressed the bones with flesh; thereafter We developed it as a new creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators." (Surah Al Muminun 23:14)
Not only that, the baby (as it comes into the world) is provided a nursing mother, who is given a heart full of love for bringing up the child and her breast is filled with milk to provide sustenance. With these arrangements the child develops and grows. This human not only fights big and powerful creatures but overpowers them and makes them obedient and then takes work and labour from them according to his wish and desire. He overpowers dreadful elephants and not only uses them for riding but loads them with heavy burdens and then takes them with him according to his will.
When he invades the mountains, he turns them into dust particles and somewhere he rips open their heart and digs out iron, copper, aluminium, gold, silver, jewels, precious stones for his use. Not only this, he invents aeroplanes and missiles and establishes his authority; and through these planes he covers journeys of months in hours and those of weeks in minutes and reaches from one corner of the world to the other without any difficulty. He does not sit idle and continues his endeavour. He makes huge ships and then sails on them across oceans from one country to another and then circling round the world he exerts his wisdom and authority.
All this is the kindness and graciousness of the Creator of the world Who brought into being man and the whole universe and then making man his vicegerent he rehabilitated him in the universe.
"Allah is He Who made the sea subservient to you that ships may sail thereon by His command, and that you may seek of His bounty, so that you may be grateful. And made subservient to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, altogether from Him. Surely, in this are of course signs for a people who reflect." (Holy Quran 45:12 and 13).
Man actually knows everything about the Creator, His creations and His bounties but he acts as if he has no knowledge of them; and instead of paying his gratitude to Allah, the Master of the Universe, Who has given him power and wisdom, he boasts with great audacity and speaks out: ".. Surely, I have been given this on account of a knowledge that I possess..." (Holy Quran 28:78)
Can man not think that if all these things in the world have been invented and created by him through his wisdom and power, why he fails to save his ships and himself from storm in the sea and in floods; and when the weather is rough and the wind is blowing hard, why this wise and clever man postpones and cancels the journeys.
Had he any say in the matter, huge ships and aeroplanes would not have met with accidents or crashed. All this proves that all that man possesses is because of the kindness and graciousness of his Creator.
A lover of truth, when realises this fact, accepts the authority of Allah, his head bows down in obedience and he believes in His last prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). He knows that man's salvation in both the worlds lies in the acceptance of the oneness of God and accepting the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him). One who affirmed his prophethood, has found the way for his betterment and prosperity in this world as well as in the hereafter. And our duty as Muslims is to disseminate His message.
(The writer is a former staffer of Khaleej Times)

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