How this wheelchair-bound Emirati saved a mother, 3 kids from massive fire

Supplied photos
Supplied photos

Ajman - Ajman Police honours retired soldier for exemplary bravery.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 20 Apr 2021, 6:40 PM

Last updated: Tue 20 Apr 2021, 6:53 PM

Ahmed Mohammed Al Reysee, 32, an Emirati national, overcame personal physical challenges and put his life on the line to save three children and their mother, when a massive fire broke out at a villa in Al Jurf.

Ajman Civil Defence honoured Al Reysee, a retired soldier of the UAE Army, for his heroic act, selflessness, and exemplary bravery.

The rescuers are of Arab origin, Ajman Civil Defence said.

Al Reysee had suffered a walking disability following a traffic accident that had occurred at a desert in Al Badayer in 2017.

Al Reysee was left paralysed in both his legs following the accident.

Though he recovered from the paralysis over a course of time, he still walks with a stick and a pronounced limp.

The Emirati recalled that the Ministry of Interior's rescuers had airlifted him for treatment after his car had turned turtle in the desert in 2017.

However, when he came across the blaze, he threw caution and his personal physical challenges to the wind. “I gathered my thoughts and flung myself to help the mother. My military instinct was aroused when the mother in distress approached me for help while crying disconsolately. She caught my attention, as I was driving through an arterial road in front of the fire-hit villa at Al Jurf. For a moment, I thought that I don’t suffer from any physical disability,” Al Reysee said.

“I found some towels were hanging out to dry in a clothesline on the compound of the villa. I grabbed one of the towels and soaked it in water and wrapped it around my face. I was all set for a daring rescue act. I invoked Allah and pulled the children one by one from the raging inferno. I had asked her to steer clear of the blaze. Firefighters and fire engines arrived in a while. But fortunately, they only had to douse the fire and billowing smoke, as the rescue mission was accomplished by me,” he added.

Al Reysee attributed his heroic act to divine intervention, which saved the three children.

The selfless act has further emboldened Al Reysee and rekindled his patriotic spirits.

“I shall never allow my physical disability to come in the way of coming forward to help people in distress. I’d like to rise to the occasion during any crisis. After all, I had joined the army with that spirit and goal, which may have been cut short due to the traffic accident, but the undying spirit lingers on. I want to help my fellow Emiratis and other people of our great nation, whenever they find themselves in any crisis,” he signed off with a beatific smile lighting up his face.

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