How the police in UAE use technology to keep the country safe

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Dubai - Dubai got its first smart police station in 2017. And since then, many others have come up.

By Sahim Salim

Published: Mon 23 Dec 2019, 8:47 PM

Policing in the UAE is powered by capable officers, cutting-edge tech and artificial intelligence. In the last decade, the police have unveiled some ultra futuristic innovations that have powered it to being the world's safest country.
1-Police stations without any cops: Dubai got its first smart police station in 2017. And since then, many others have come up. Services on offer include reporting crimes; reporting lost and found items; traffic control and community services; and getting certificates and licences - all without any human cop intervention.

2-Smart glasses: Criminals or wanted persons can't hide behind a crowd as the Abu Dhabi Police's 'smart glasses' or augmented virtual reality glasses can help catch them. The glasses have a micro-camera that uses artificial intelligence to automatically scan hundreds of faces and notify authorities when it detects a wanted person.

3-Emergency vehicle alerts through car radio: A Sharjah Police device uses radio waves to warn motorists about an approaching emergency vehicle. With this, drivers hear a 'give way' announcement through their vehicle radios.

4-Virtual assistant at your service: The Ras Al Khaimah Police's virtual assistant offers a variety of services for the public. There are plans to develop the virtual companion into a robot cop.

5-Facing trial without being in court: Al Barsha and Bur Dubai police stations have 'virtual courtrooms' that allow defendants to attend their hearing without having to leave correctional facilities.

6-Eyes in the sky: Police forces across the country use drones to monitor traffic, detect congestions and direct patrols to hotspots. They aren't used to issue fines just yet.

7-House arrest for vehicles: The Sharjah Police have found an innovative solution to its crammed vehicle impoundment lot. They simply instal GPS trackers on vehicles of reckless drivers and let them keep the cars outside their homes. The tracker alerts the cops if the vehicle is moved beyond 50 metres.

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