How Sharjah-based organisations are empowering women socially and economically

Advancing the role, presence and contribution of women in all sectors will ultimately lead to a better world

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Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 8 Mar 2022, 7:23 PM

The UAE is a land of dreams for women, and the incredible progress and success logged by Emirati women who have even reached space, is an inspiration for women across the globe, a top official said.

Reem bin Karam, director of Nama Women Advancement Establishment (Nama), told Khaleej Times in an exclusive interview, that the world must acknowledge the capabilities of women and provide them with equal opportunity to contribute to the growth of society and nations.

Reem Bin Karam Director of  Nama the women advancement foundation.
Reem Bin Karam Director of Nama the women advancement foundation.

She said advancing the role, presence and contribution of women in all sectors will ultimately lead to a better world. “The role of women and their partners cannot be separated from the aspirations of peoples and nations everywhere,” she said.

“Nama is working to advance the growth of women under the guidance and patronage of Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of the Sharjah Ruler, using a multi-pronged strategy to advance the journey of women and support their leadership at the economic and social levels. This is one of the reasons UAE women have become role models for women around the world and have achieved such incredible success,” said bin Karam. “We look forward to taking this success story to other societies, which will lead to a world in which girls and women contribute to the advancement of their societies, and invest their energies in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development for their nations.”

Emirati women in Sharjah

She said that Nama has been tirelessly working towards the advancement of Emirati women and in supporting their role at the economic and social levels, to help achieve leadership roles and play an active part in the growth of the UAE.

To achieve this the entity has developed its tools and built a comprehensive programme to benefit women and meet their needs and ambitions according to their specialisation and interests. She said Nama has consolidated the position of Sharjah as a friendly and incubating environment for female entrepreneurs and for projects managed and owned by women.

Skills advancement

She said the Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council was established to provide rewarding returns to women, their families and society, by transforming a large number of women from consumers of goods and services to producers of goods.

Bin Karam stressed that Nama’s programmes and initiatives are based on continuous learning - the important pillar at the organisation. She said the Badiri Academy for Knowledge and Capacity Building was established to provide high-quality materials for all those wishing to learn and acquire new skills.

“We believe that the success of women’s experience globally depends on generalising the success of local experiences and transforming them into programmes for women worldwide. We were keen to showcase our local achievements in ensuring the growth of women to other societies and countries across the world,” she said.

Women of the world

Nama has been working to improve the lot of women in other societies and has strengthened its network of international partnerships through the ‘Global Network of Women Peacemakers’. It has also implemented the ‘Ambassadors for Peace’ programme in Bangladesh and Indonesia to empower girls and women there to work and produce, combat poverty and extremism and consolidate the foundations of coexistence.


Helping acid attack victims

Nama has also joined hands with organizations across the world to provide support to female victims of acid attacks. This includes providing them with psychological and social support to facilitate their effective reintegration into society. Nama has also been developing programmes to empower women in the Arab world and Africa, and has been cooperating with the United Nations to support the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs around the world and in other projects targeting communities in need.

“This is the culture that we grew up with in the Emirates, and the vision of our leaders who strive to build an inclusive society where the good of everyone is taken into account. This is why the UAE has become a land of dreams for women and men, and experiences of Emirati women have become an inspiring experience for women globally,” she said.

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