How RTA Dubai plans to make roads safer

How RTA Dubai plans to make roads safer

Dubai - The RTA recommended chalking out a plan for quick traffic solutions and another plan for improving the traffic safety level on Dubai roads.

By Staff Report

Published: Mon 18 Jan 2016, 5:35 PM

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is planning to make about 89 amendments and improvements to different roads and junctions in Dubai.
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The action has been taken based on a study prepared by the RTA.

The study showed that a total of 29 sites suffered from traffic jams regularly, while 60 other sites experienced frequent vehicular accidents.

The RTA recommended chalking out a plan for quick traffic solutions and another plan for improving the traffic safety level on Dubai roads.

It has been revealed that the most common forms of accidents are smashing into still objects like traffic signs placed on the roadside or on the road; run-over accidents; jumping red lights, and speeding.

Based on the above mentioned reasons, the RTA suggested modifications to some 60 sites. It also suggested making improvements to enhance the visibility on roads, streamlining the vehicular traffic flow at junctions, protecting the RTA's road-related objects and signs, making modification to the way traffic signals are operating, and installation of radars to detect vehicles that jump the red light.

The RTA also suggested some sites where pedestrian crossings can be made, measures can be taken to prevent jaywalking, and suggested other sites where speed radars can be fixed to monitor speedsters and catch them.

Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA, said that the study indicated and featured frequent traffic accidents at some major roads and pivotal junctions at different areas in Dubai such as Al Ittihad Road close to the borders with both Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

"That prompted the RTA to install additional warning signboards, remarking the lane for more clarity," Al Tayer added.

The RTA, he said, is currently mulling over how viable reducing speed limits will be at both areas, the Dubai-Abu Dhabi borders and Dubai-Sharjah borders, which would ensure boosting traffic safety on the highway.

According to the study, Al Tayer said the World Trade Centre roundabout is famous for frequent traffic accidents. That made the authority to add more exit lanes, increase the number of guiding signboards, remarking the lanes in the roundabout.

The RTA has also fixed the speed limit at Umm Suqeim and Al Qudra Street crossroad (junction) at 80km/h following recurrent vehicular accident there, he pointed out.

S.NoLocationTraffic solutionStatus
1Doha St.-Oman St. Junction at Al Qusais 3rd industrial areaAdding a free right-hand lane from Doha St. towards Oman St.Design/ implementation
2Al Nahda St.-Ittihad Rd. junction (Al Mulla plaza)Adding one more lane at the junctionDesign/implementation
3Abu Bakr Al Siddiq St. opposite Al Qabael shopping centreProviding a bus stop opposite Al Qabayel shopping centreUnder implementation
4Doha St. at Al Nahda areaAdding a third lane on Doha St. in the direction towards Oman St.Design/implementation
5St. No 10, AL Qusais localityAdding a roundabout at the junction of St. No 10 with St. no 13. The U-turn at St. No 10 will be driven away, and vehicles will get parking spaces on both sides of said street.Design/implementation
6Omar ibn Al Khatab St.Adding a left-hand lane at Omar ibn Al Khatab- Al Maktoum St. junctionDesign/implementation
7The multi-storey parking facility at Al Sabkha areaMaking improvements to the roads surrounding the parking building.Design/implementation
8Marakesh St & St. No 5 at Al Garhoud neighborhoodAdding a bus stop on Marakesh street, and a free right hand lane on St. No 5Fulfilled
92nd Ras Al Khor Indus. areaMaking a service road on Nad Al Hamar road opposite the industrial area.Design/implementation
10Latifa bin Hamdan St. with Al Asayel St.Stretching the storage lane on Latifa bint Hamdan St. towards the west.Fulfilled
11Al Zomoroud St. with Al Marabe St.Providing U-turn at both directionsFulfilled
12Al Marabe St. (the sector stretching between First Al Khaid St. and Al Khail Rd)Adding one more lane at Al Marabee St. to become three lanes instead of two.Design/implementation
13Al Asayel- Al Marabe junctionRemoving the island separating lanes subject a joint lane is provided for west traffic movement towards Al Khail Rd.Design/implementation
14Al Asayel St.- Street No 17B opposite Al Quoz mallCreating a two-lane road in each directionDesign /implementation
15First Al Khail St. at 3rd Al Qouz industrial areaFurnishing the road with a new traffic signal, which enables traffic movement from the west to get an exit from Al Qouz 3rd Indus. area on Al Khail first St. in the direction towards Umm SuqaimDesign/ implementation
16Al Manara St. ( sector between Al Wasl St. with Jumairah St.)Providing a two-lane road I each direction supported with roundabouts.Design/implementation
17Sanaa junctionModifying the ground road marking on the junction at all directions, in a way which enable the third lane to have free movement onward and leftwardUnder implementation
18Oud Maithaa-Street No 19 junction in front of the American hospitalProviding an additional lane to traffic heading right from St. No 19 towards Oud Maithaa St. eastDesign/implementation
19St. No 16 in Al Karama localityExpanding St. 16 with two more lanes in each direction supported by roundabouts.Under implementation
20Baghdad St.-Beirut St. junctionAdding a lane to take left turn to the left direction on Baghdad St. with Beirut St.Design/implementation
21Al Khail St. ( the sector between Latifa bint Hamdan St. with Maydan St.)Providing a lane from the left direction so Al Khail St. could become five lanes in place of four lanes in such a stretch.Fulfilled
22Al Khail St. (the sector between Maydan St. and the flyover before the Dubai mall)Adding one more lane on Al Khail St. in the direction towards Sharjah so that the number of lanes would become four instead of three lanes.Design/implementation
232nd Ras Al Khor Indus. areaTurning the roundabout on Al Manama-Nad Al Hamar Street to a signalized junction.Design/implementation
24Al Rebat St.-Nad Al Hamar junctionProviding free traffic movement from Al Rebat St. to Nad AL Hamr St/ or adding more lanes on the current flyover.Under study
25University City St. ( Dubai Silicon Oasis exit)Adding an exit from Dubai Silicon Oasis at the university city St., and expanding the exit on university city St. with Dubai-Al Ain road to two lanes.Under implementation
26Al Wasl St. -AL Safa St. junctionDeveloping the junction in generalDesign/implementation
27Al Qudra St. at Arabian ranchesAdding a free traffic to the right hand on roundabouts as exit for the Arabia ranches project.Under implementation
28Shaikh Zayed Road.Expanding exit No (42) on Shaikh Zayed Rd., the direction towards Sharjah.Under implementation
29Shaikh Zayed Road.Making an addition exit on the service road from Shaikh Zayed road before umm Al Sheif St. in the direction towards Abu Dhabi.Under implementation
S.No.Location NameRecommendations
1World Trade Center RoundaboutConstruct additional lanes on the roundabout exits.
Modify road marking.
Provide additional guide signs.
2Tripoli /Algeria JunctionProvide ground mounted signal heads.
Provide guard rail in the median.
Provide additional road marking and traffic signs.
3Abu Baker Siddique/ Muraqabat JunctionInstalling splitter islands.
Installing white back plates for the signal heads.
Installing red light violation cameras.
4Salahuddin/ Abu Baker Siddique JunctionInstalling cantilever signals.
Installing red light violation cameras.
5Khalid Bin Waleed StreetInstalling pedestrian fence.
Installing cantilever signals.
Installing splitter islands.
6Emirates Road near Abu Dhabi borderSpeed Reduction Study
Installing rumble strips.
Installing additional warning signs.
7Emirates Road near Sharjah borderSpeed Reduction Study
Modifying the road marking.
Installing additional warning signs.
8Umm Suqeim St Al Barsha south JNRemoved all existing concert barrier
Activate the pedestrian signals across the new access to the School
Install a new secondary traffic signal
Change all existing traffic signal heads at the Junction including cantilever to LED
Curry out work related to road marking
9Umm Suqeim Rd -Opp Arabian ranchesModify road marking & refresh existing road
Modify the Entry to SMBZ road
Install 2 slim line crash cushions
10Wadi Al SafaInstall Guard rail and existing guard rail end   to be merged with concrete barrier
Install rumble strips and traffic signs
11Jabel Ali Hibab INDErection of steel guard rail & crash cushion
12Latifa Bint Hamdan StProposed safety improvement on Exit al khail
rod   with Latifa bint hamdan St
13Al Nahda RdInstall Guard rail and existing guard rail end   to be merged with concrete barrier
14Exit Umm Amara StProposed safety improvement on exit umm
Amara street
15Dubai Hatta roadProposed safety improvement to all U - turns.
Speed Reduction.
Installation of a Roundabout
16Sheikh Mohd Bin Zayed RdPrepare the location to ready for heavy vehicle
17Umm Suqeim St/ Al QudraUnifying the speed limit to 80km/h
18Dubai Hatta Rd Hibab R/AModify traffic signs with flasher
Install rumble strips
19Shindagha tunnelImprovement and enhance integration around
Shindagha pedestrian tunnel
20Rigga Metro StationImprovement and enhance integration around
Rigga Metro station
21Al Manama StInstall Guard rail and existing guard rail end   to be merged with concrete barrier
22AL Garhoud area 30 A StModify traffic circulation with necessary change in marking, Signs, Island & Road marking near Masjid
23Baniyas StreetInstalling a pedestrian bridge.
24Al Maktoum StreetInstalling a pedestrian bridge.
25Al Mina StreetInstalling a pedestrian bridge.
26Al Rashid StreerInstalling a pedestrian bridge.
27Baghdad StreetInstalling 2 pedestrian bridges.
28Amman StreetInstalling a pedestrian bridge.
29Nadd Al Hamar 47 StRoadside Protection Measures as per the Roadside Design Guide for Dubai (Concrete barriers, guardrail, crash cushions)
30Al Qudra road
31Al Sufouh road
32Zaabeel raod
34Emirates road
35Al Qudra road
36Air port Road
37Al Etihad road
38Al Qudrah road
39AL Khawaneej R/A
40Abu Baker Al Siddiqe Rd
41Airport Rd
42Pedestrian bridge on Benyas St
43Sheikh M.Bin Zayed Al Ribat INT
44Academic city road
45Muhaisnah First
46AL Garhoud 01 StMeasures to enhance pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures (Flat top humps, zebra crossings, traffic signs, speed humps)
47Al Khawneej first
48Al Rashidiya 33St
49Al Hamreia port area
50Al Karama Metro station
51Al Kuwit AL Karama
52AL Ghubaba Rd
53Al Qouz second 26 St
54Wadi Al Amardi area
55AL Sanbook St
56Al Khana St
57Al Khawaneej area
58Oud Al Muteena first area
59Muhaisna Second Ministry of health
60Wadi Al Amardi area

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