Hotel that connects guests, gym for mental health: Mindvalley founder elaborates on UAE plans

Vishen Lakhiani says the mind, body, spirit platform is looking at establishing an office in the UAE, with a 10,000-person event


Lamya Tawfik

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Vishen Lakhiani. — Supplied photo
Vishen Lakhiani. — Supplied photo

Published: Sun 26 Feb 2023, 9:35 PM

Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, the leading mind, body, spirit platform in the world, is no stranger to the UAE. In fact, over the last few months he has spoken at a few events in the UAE such as the One Billion Summit and the World Government Summit. Today, Vishen says the UAE is high on their agenda.

Vishen spoke to Khaleej Times during Mindvalley Live in Dubai, the platform’s first live event in the UAE, which hosted some of its most prominent speakers and was attended by nearly 2,000 people over the weekend. He said that Mindvalley’s presence is going to be growing remarkably in the UAE and they are currently looking at establishing an office in the country, perhaps with a larger 10,000-person event.

“We just completed two programmes for the UAE government employees, one on growth mindset and another on super productivity,” he said, adding that they are also planning to release more and newer content on their channel on Emirates airlines inflight programming.

He said that they are looking for partners in the UAE for their plans to develop experimental centres such as new types of health and wellness centres and a unique hotel concept, and that for both projects the UAE will be the first location.

The hotel will create a unique experience that is backed by AI. “We have a massive fan base of 20 million people. We believe there’s a huge potential to leverage our brand to create an incredible type of hotel experience where people go not just for a vacation but to grow in their mind, body and spirit,” he said.


The hotel would also allow guests to create unique and deep connections with each other. “Most hotels are private experience, but we want to create a type of hotel where we use AI algorithms which predict which guests will have deep conversations or connections. It’s a hotel which brings its guests together and co-elevates them,” he said, saying that Dubai will be the first place for this hotel.

Another project which Vishen plans for Dubai is a gym that revolutionises the traditional ones. “When we think about a gym, we have a certain stereotype in mind. Mindvalley is conceptualising a radical new idea of what a gym would feel like and look like and it’s unlike any type of gym that exists on the planet today,” he said.

He explained that this new concept doesn’t only include machines, for instance, to grow musculature but uses neuro training for the brain’s frequencies. “This is to give the right states of mind for greater control over mental health and the body,” he said. The main idea is to tap into new emerging technologies that help transform human beings. “We want to create a facility that brings these technologies together,” he said.

According to Vishen, Dubai was chosen because the city has the greatest concentration of Mindvalley members in the world, per capita. “This is why for all our experiments and for all our growth, Dubai is the number one city we want to do that in,” he said.

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