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Staff help the students to cross the road with the help of the stop sign board on the side of the bus.-KT FILE

Dubai - The Dubai Police launched an awareness campaign, reminding drivers to be extra careful.

By Hesham Salah

Published: Tue 20 Aug 2019, 6:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 22 Aug 2019, 9:17 AM

The first day of school this year, September 2, shall be 'A Day without Accidents', the Dubai Police said on Tuesday, announcing the second year of the initiative.
It was a campaign that brought down the number of accidents on the first day of school last year by 50 per cent, compared to figures in 2017.
Colonel Jumaa Salim bin Suwaidan, acting director of the Dubai Traffic Police, said that when 'A Day without Accidents' was launched last year, they achieved their target of zero major accidents and fatalities and the percentage of minor incidents was significantly reduced.
"The number of minor traffic accidents on the first school day in 2018 was only four, without injuries, compared to eight accidents in the year before," he added.
"We are close to the start of the new school year, and we are again looking to have zero accidents, especially in the first week of school. We want to educate the drivers by making them sign the obligation letter and then honour those who would keep their promises," Col Bin Suwaidan added.
The Dubai Police invited motorists to log on to the its official website and sign a pledge letter, which says one promises to drive more carefully as part of the road safety initiative 'A Day Without Accidents'.
Col Bin Suwaidan said the first week of the school year is a period where a number of traffic accidents become more common as motorists rush in driving kids to school.
He urged drivers to pay attention to the stop signs on school buses. Failing to stop when the bus sign is on is violation punishable by a Dh1,000 fine and 10 black points, Col Bin Suwaidan added.
Take the pledge, get 50% discount on fees
>Take the pledge by logging on to and clicking on the 'A Day without Accidents' box on the home page
>By registering, you promise to: follow traffic instructions; fasten seat belts; leave a safe distance between vehicles; give way to official convoys and vehicles; give priority to pedestrians crossing roads; and not to use your phone while driving
>If you succeed in driving safely, you will be awarded gifts, such as an appreciation certificate from the Dubai Police; 50 per cent discount on fees if your vehicle is confiscated; and cancellation of some black points from your licence.

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