Friday prayers at UAE mosques: Not a single Covid-19 case so far, say imams

UAE - Worshippers have been faithfully following all health and safety protocols

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Published: Thu 17 Dec 2020, 12:01 PM

Last updated: Thu 17 Dec 2020, 12:07 PM

Not a single Covid positive case has been registered in the three weeks since the UAE reopened mosques for Friday prayers after an eight-month suspension to restrict the spread of Covid-19.

Dr Ahmad Al Haddad, Grand Mufti of Dubai, told Khaleej Times that the faithful have set an exemplary model and strictly stuck to all preventive measures.

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“Such commitment to the nationwide health protocols was affirmed ever since the five congregational prayers at the mosques were resumed.”

Sheikh Asadullah Mohammed, a mosque imam here, said the faithful were eager to pray the Friday prayer.

“The mosques are full, yet up to the set capacity,” he said.

The external yards and nearby streets have also been turned into places for prayer at the Friday prayer, he noted.

“However, and to reserve this blessing (praying Friday prayer in the mosque), everybody strictly observes all health rules, including using face masks, bringing personal prayer mats, and maintaining social distancing.”

Worshippers have stopped shaking hands after prayer, and return home separately without any reported crowding, according to imam Mohamed Wasfi.

“Not only do people still prefer to go to mosques for prayer than to pray at home, but even more people flock to the mosque for all congregational prayers.”

Sheikh Abdulfattah Amasha, an imam, said one thought that few people would opt for praying in the mosque after the months-long suspension of congregational prayers.

“Amazingly, more people come to the mosque for prayer.”

The greater reward of congregational prayer at the mosque is one reason for that, he explained.

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“One feels safer, more relaxed and satisfied when praying at the mosque which is the house of Almighty Allah on earth where the faithful meet and check on each other, and embrace the new normal.”

Sheikh Yasser M, an imam, said all imams have been instructed by the concerned authorities to ensure people’s compliance with preventive measures at the mosques.

“A staff worker is assigned in all mosques to ensure that no one has access to the mosque unless he wears his face mask and has his own prayer mat.”

Stickers and tapes have been placed on each and every row in the mosque to help the faithful observe social distancing, he added.

“Disposable plastic mats and masks are also provided in case one forgets to bring his while coming to the mosque.”

Hand sanitisers are also placed at the entrance of the mosque for more sanitation and protection, he noted.

People are willingly and happily following rules to remain safe and enjoy the congregational prayers at the mosque.”

Sherif Al Wakeel, a contractor, said he was very eager to prayer at the mosque. “I was first anxious about my safety, but thankful everybody is up to the responsibility and cares for his and others’ safety.”

Moheb Abdul Ghani, an Arabic teacher, said people are even monitoring each other and stop anyone who intentionally or unintentionally ignores rules.

“Now, we wish to have the ablution areas reopened, as many people could not offer prayer at the mosque because the toilets and ablution areas are still closed.”

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