Fireworks on screen: Google celebrates UAE National Day with new doodle, graphics

We take a look at some of the doodles created for the occasion over the last few years, including those that feature iconic animals

By Supreeta Balasubramanian

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Published: Fri 2 Dec 2022, 8:39 AM

Last updated: Fri 2 Dec 2022, 7:49 PM

Google users in the UAE face a treat when they visit the search site's homepage. An attractive doodle features the nation's iconic four-coloured flag fluttering in the wind, seemingly seen through a window.

That's not all - when you click on the doodle, you are taken to the 'UAE National Day' search results page, and greeted with red, green and black fireworks bursting across the screen.

Screenshot of Google page
Screenshot of Google page

When you click on the doodle on this page, it takes you to an explanation - albeit one that lists the emirates as 'Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Al-Ain, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah', leaving out Fujairah and including Al Ain erroneously.

Some of the other notable doodles commemorating National Day over the years feature other iconic landmarks or symbols that are associated with the UAE.

One such illustration shows an Emirati boy and girl with a falcon and an Arabian oryx, a species that went extinct but was brought back to life in its home-ground, the Arabian deserts. It has the ability to predict rainfall, and is one of the symbols of natural life in the UAE.


The falcon, the Emirates' other national animal and a bird commonly associated with the local culture, is seen taking flight from the girl's hand. Falconry is an ancient sport that is still practised to this day.

Here are some other doodles that feature local symbols, including another with the majestic falcon:

This doodle shows a man in traditional attire walking a camel, perhaps the most recognisable icon of the desert, as the iconic skyline is visible as a silhouette in the background.

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