Filipina employee honoured for returning bag with Dh195,000 cash

Filipina, employee, honoured, return, bag, Dh195,000, cash, honoured

Dubai - She was felicitated for her honesty.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 9 Sep 2019, 3:53 PM

Last updated: Mon 9 Sep 2019, 6:01 PM

A Starbucks employee was honoured by the Dubai Police after she returned a bag forgotten by a customer at the cafe in The Dubai Mall.
The bag contained Dh195,000 cash, a cheque book, a bunch of personal documents and two cheques. The first cheque was worth Dh500,000, while the second was for Dh6,250.
Colonel Rashid Mohammed Saleh Al-Shehhi, acting director of Bur Dubai Police Station in Dubai, felicitated the Filipina worker, Mae Anne Olmidillo, for her honesty and praised her positive response, to emphasise the importance of collaboration between the community and police.
"I and my colleague Rosslyn Nini found the bag at 6pm at the store we work in, which is the Starbucks in Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall. We kept it for a while and thought maybe the owner would come back to pick it up," said Olmidillo, who has been working at Starbucks for six years. "After two hours, no one came and we checked what was inside the bag. When we opened it, I was shocked to find so much money. I told my district manager and then we called our lost prevention department and tried to check the CCTV cameras, but no luck!
"We called the police and they were surprised that the owner had forgotten it. The police called him. He was sleeping at that time and didn't even know the bag was missing. The police asked if he had lost a bag and it was only then he realised his lapse. He was really tired and very thankful."
Her deep conviction in karma
Olmidillo said it is "part of a promise" by Starbucks employees to their customers to return any lost and forgotten items.
A strong believer in karma, the mother of two children said she hopes for the same kindness one day from a stranger if she faced a similar situation.
"I didn't for a moment have any second thoughts about the bag. If I do good to others, good things will happen to me," she contended.
Colonel Al-Shehhi pointed out that the honour comes in line with the 'We reach you to thank you' initiative, which aims at acknowledging external collaborators at their workplace among colleagues. It reflects Dubai Police's keenness to strengthen the concept of community partnership, he added.
Thanking the police for the kind gesture, Olmidillo said that the honour overwhelms her with pride and joy.

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