You could live at the Expo 2020 Dubai site after the world fair is over


Dubai - District 2020 is what will take Expo 2020 Dubai’s place when the event ends.

By Mahwash Ajaz

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Published: Sun 17 Oct 2021, 5:28 PM

Last updated: Sun 17 Oct 2021, 6:11 PM

When you step onto the Expo 2020 grounds, you can’t help but wonder at its sheer magnificence. It’s the size of 600 football fields and even a couple of weeks isn’t enough for you to explore all of it and do it justice. Perhaps it is this reason why the legacy of event must live on.

UAE, a country of modern miracles, created the world fair site out of absolutely nothing. It is only befitting that the legacy of event continues to live on and becomes something spectacular for generations to come.

District 2020 is what will take Expo 2020 Dubai’s place when the event is over. Named as a “Human Centric City of the Future”, the city aims to house over 145,000 people.

According to Sanjive Khosla, Senior Vice-President at District 2020, who has been in the UAE for many years and has overseen various high-profile projects, he has never seen anything like it. We asked him about how the city will incorporate ‘dreamers’ and how it will incorporate people of determination as well.

The Expo site itselfm he said, is very friendly to people of determination. He later showed us how the maps around the site are in Braille. He also mentioned how there are various volunteers who are people of determination.

The strategic initiative is to ‘curate global innovation ecosystem’. District 2020 is already working with Siemens, Terminus and DP World to create smart logistics, mobility and smart cities.

It's truly a testament to how the legacy of Expo 2020 will stay intact when it comes to District 2020. Themes such as bringing communities together, wellness, sustainability and inclusivity are all being incorporated into it.

If you explore the Expo, you'll see that there are walking tracks and various parks and activity areas across the site for families and for workers to relax and also experience the sights and sounds at venue.

Once communities begin living and working there, these sites can also continue serving individuals, families and companies to continue having a rich experience.

Stunning structures such as Al Wasl Dome, and beneficial and stylish structures such as Rove Expo 2020 will be retained and serve as one of the central points at District 2020. Check out some of them below.

See the District 2020 masterplan:

Watch our full conversations with Sanjive Khosla here:

Starting October 2022, District 2020 will welcome tenants, residents and workers. Got more questions? Ask us on TikTok!


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Ahmed Al Khatib, Chief Development and Delivery Officer of Expo 2020 Dubai said, “District 2020 will bring together an ecosystem of engaged diverse stakeholders that will benefit from and contribute to its purpose-driven community, collaborating and enabling each other to realise their full potential.”


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