England spinner Rashid a wonderful bowler: Warne

England spinner Rashid a wonderful bowler: Warne
Warne mentors Rashid during a training session.

Sharjah - Australian legend guides England leg-spinner Adil Rashid on how to outfox Pakistan batsmen.

By Clareto Monsorate

Published: Fri 30 Oct 2015, 4:57 PM

Last updated: Sat 31 Oct 2015, 1:42 AM

If you thought Shane Warne joined hands with the Pakistan team to plot the downfall of England by sharing tips with their leg-spinner Yasir Shah on Thursday, think again.
The Australian legend was at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium again on Friday, this time to guide England's talented spinner Adil Rashid on how to plot Pakistan's downfall when the two teams meet in the third Test.
Pakistan lead the three-Test series 1-0.
A fit-looking Warne spent hours under the afternoon sun handing tips to the 27-year-old on how to outfox the Pakistani batsmen.
"There are a few messages for Rashid, not so much technical stuff, as it's in the middle of the series, but just the straightening of the arm and things like that, and how the bowler needs to out-think a batsman," Warne said.
Rashid a wonderful bowler
"But let me tell you he (Rashid) is a wonderful bowler. When a player starts his Test career it takes time to see the best of him but Rashid has already shown some glimpses of magic.
"He already has a five-for (in the first Test in Abu Dhabi). So we've already seen what he can do at this level, but it is going to take time for him to become consistent and I guess we all need to be a little bit patient and he needs to be patient too."
The Sharjah wicket is likely to be spin-friendly and Warne thinks the leg spinner will play a crucial role.
"On spinning pitches, expectations are that he (Rashid) will come and rip them by taking five wickets straightaway. It doesn't work that way. Test cricket is hard work. You got to bowl rubbish, a few full tosses and you can be sure you will be whacked at some time, but it's all about how you come back in the second spell and that is what counts.
"I think he's got all the tools. I think he's a wonderful bowler. A lot of bowlers don't think about the game but Rashid does. He just needs to keep his plans, his strategies intact and the rest will follow."
Warne is always known to help spinners, especially leg-spinners. So it was no surprise that he spent so much time on both days, first with Yasir and then with Rashid.
"To see two good leg spinners play in a series must be good to watch. Now it just comes down to having that confidence, that trust, backing yourself, carrying that practice session into the middle and then whether you have the heart, and that's what I like about Tests.
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"I think there are two things in Test cricket - one is a fast bowler who comes steaming in and bowls those thunderbolts and the other is a good quality spinner. A medium pacer with a slip and a ring field and a third man, that's pretty boring," adding, "I don't mean any disrespect to those wonderful medium pacers though."
"Also people want to see spinners who spin the ball and that's what Yasir and Rashid do. They spin it big. I think the Sharjah wicket is a turner and both are going to play a huge part."
Pakistan's Yasir best spinner in the world
Elaborating on Yasir with whom he spent some time on Thursday, Warne said: "I think he's the best spinner in the world and I think he's got the best leg break I've ever seen. I'm not comparing Yasir with Rashid as Rashid can be just as successful. He has a different style and is also very effective.
"Spinners have the best tools in the trade. They got to think right. Are they up for the fight? Are they patient? Do they want the ball when the chips are down? All these things you don't know about a spin bowler no matter how good they are.
"But Yasir looks like he's got it all. We've seen Rashid do some magic in the first Test, so he's got it too. So I think it's going to be a great Test match."
Sachin hit me all over the place
Warne then showed his sense of humour when someone asked him about his Sharjah Cricket Stadium memories.
"Well I did cross a few of my deliveries on my way to the stadium," he said sarcastically. "But yes, I do have some good memories. Against Pakistan here I got some wickets and Australia won the Test match in a day and a half!
"And, of course, the semis and final in 1998 where Sachin hit me all over the place."

Warne mentors Rashid during a training session.
Warne mentors Rashid during a training session.
Warne mentors Rashid during a training session.
Warne mentors Rashid during a training session.
Warne mentors Rashid during a training session.
Warne mentors Rashid during a training session.

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