Emirati Women's Day: FNC member says UAE leadership empowers women politically

Country currently has one of the world's highest rates of female participation in government


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Published: Sat 27 Aug 2022, 1:12 PM

Last updated: Sat 27 Aug 2022, 3:29 PM

As the UAE celebrates Emirati Women's Day on August 28, Women's participation in UAE's, a member of the Federal National Council (FNC), Sara Mohammed Falaknaz says the UAE's wise leadership has greatly helped in elevating Emirati women to all spheres. This includes great participation in the nation's politics and holding senior leadership positions.

"UAE women have reached higher ranks and achieved better gains today than they were in the past years," she said.

"Over the past five decades, the UAE's wise leadership has provided women with wonderful opportunities to achieve success and excellence until they made a woman with exceptional capabilities which have helped them overcome all difficulties and are now capable of unlimited giving."

The FNC member says women have become productive, thinkers and key partners in achieving development and progress for their country, and setting plans, initiatives and visions for the future.

"Emirati women have been given quality education, tools and capabilities and the chance to lead and participate in the government's decision making," she said.

Falaknaz points out that women's participation in the country's politics is notably high as the government has introduced policy measures to redress the gender imbalance.

"Emirati women have developed and become among the major participants in country's decision-making because of the government support that was embodied in the leadership's confidence and belief in the role of women as being partners in building the nation," she said.

"It is no secret that the UAE is at the forefront of the world in the field of empowering women, which is embodied by the presence of the Emirati women in political offices and all areas of work."

Falaknaz noted that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan believed in women emancipation, and he empowered the Emirati woman since the inception of the UAE.

"Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak has also done a tremendous job in elevating women and to ensure gender parity," she said.

"Today we see a big number of women in ministerial posts and others heading very important government offices. Emirati women are now key in the country's important decision-making."


The FNC's electoral process has included women as both voters and candidates right from the first-time elections were introduced in 2006.

And since then, the number of women in the FNC has grown tremendously. Currently, the UAE has one of the world's highest rates of female participation in government with women making up 50 per cent of the FNC members.

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