Watch: Reckless driver cuts across 4 lanes on UAE highway, causes horrific collision

Authority highlights the dangers of wrong overtaking and sudden deviation, which can be fatal for the driver and others

By Web Desk

Published: Fri 6 Jan 2023, 3:43 PM

Last updated: Fri 6 Jan 2023, 3:50 PM

The Abu Dhabi Police on Friday released a video on their social media platforms highlighting the dangers of erroneous overtaking and sudden deviation by motorists.

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to avoid overtaking other vehicles from the wrong side and to ensure that the road is clear while changing lanes.

The authority reminded motorists not to overtake other vehicles from the left side and not to move between lanes in a reckless manner that puts the driver and others at risk.

In the awareness post, the force urged motorists to use indicators when they change lanes, avoid sudden deviation, and make sure to use the correct lane when moving to another road.

There are several fines related to sudden deviation and wrong overtaking that motorists should be aware of.

– Sudden deviation: Dh5,000 fine and vehicle impounding.

– Causing an accident due to excessive speed: Dh5,000 fine and vehicle impounding.

Under the federal traffic laws three types of offences related to overtaking:

— Wrong overtaking: Dh600 fine, 6 black points

— Overtaking from the road shoulder: Dh1,000 fine, 6 black points

— Overtaking from a prohibited place: Dh600 fine


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