UAE: 2 Emiratis killed in horrific accident in multi-vehicle collision

Incident took place in an intersection when two vehicles collided with an overloaded truck

By Web Desk

Published: Wed 17 May 2023, 7:28 AM

Last updated: Wed 17 May 2023, 10:37 PM

In a tragic road accident on Tuesday, May 16, a 17-year-old Emirati male and a 44-year-old female citizen lost their lives in a multi-vehicle collision. Two other individuals sustained injuries ranging from serious to moderate.

The accident took place in an intersection (crossing road) towards the port of Fujairah when two vehicles collided with a truck. The officials from the Fujairah Police General Command reached the location immediately after receiving the information and were able to rescue the other passengers.

According to Emarat AlYoum report, preliminary investigations revealed that the Arab truck driver was driving an overloaded vehicle. It was also found that the driver exceeded the permissible speed limit, which led to the loss of control and subsequent collision with the two cars.

Civil Defence teams swiftly extinguished the fire that erupted due to the accident. They successfully extricated those passengers trapped inside the burning vehicle. The truck driver and the driver of one of the vehicles were transported to the hospital by the national ambulance. However, the young man who was accompanied by his father in the first vehicle succumbed to his injuries, along with the woman in the other vehicle.

Fujairah Police have warned about the dangerous consequences of driving heavy vehicles at speeds exceeding the permitted limits on both internal and external roads. They emphasised that such reckless driving often compromises the driver's ability to control their vehicle effectively, particularly in emergencies.


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