Eid Al Fitr break: Online booking for Filipinos to apply for travel document in Dubai to be restored

Huge crowds were seen outside the Philippine labour office as the system was down

Published: Fri 29 Apr 2022, 11:12 PM

The online booking system for Filipino overseas workers to apply for the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) will be reinstated on May 4, according to a Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) official.

In the last couple of days, the online booking system had not been working causing huge crowds and lengthy lines outside the POLO office in Dubai ahead of the long Eid break. Some people had waited outside the office for more than 10 hours.

Some of those in queue had travelled to Dubai from the Northern Emirates. Police were patrolling the area to maintain order.

In its official statement, Polo Dubai admitted that as travel protocols are eased, Filipinos have been flocking to its office recently for the OEC requirements.

A daily average of 700 overseas foreign workers are recorded to have sought contract verification and issuance of OEC between March and April.


Starting May 4, there will be 250 slots available for contract verification and 150 slots for OEC.

An OEC is a document that certifies the regularity of Filipino expats’ employment. While it is not a requirement to travel to the Philippines, the expats will need to present the document to be able to fly back to the UAE.

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