Educating children, investing in a house: How UAE residents plan to spend Dh100,000 DSF prize money

Around 30 more prizes worth an additional Dh100,000 each are up for grabs during the ongoing Dubai Shopping Festival, which runs till January 29

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Supplied photo

Waheed Abbas

Published: Tue 10 Jan 2023, 6:18 PM

“I was so shocked and felt like I was floating. I truly didn't believe that I had won anything – I thought it was a scam.”

These were the words of some of the lucky UAE residents thrilled to have won Dh100,000 during the ongoing Dubai Shopping Festival.

As part of the DSF campaign, the Enoc Grand Raffle is giving 80 people the chance to win up to Dh100,000 each in cash, with prizes worth Dh3,500,000 in total up for grabs. To qualify for entry, participants simply have to spend as little as Dh25 at Zoom, Dh50 at Autopro, or purchase select services at Tasjeel to get a raffle coupon.

Around 30 more prizes worth a whopping Dh100,000 each is to be won during DSF which runs till January 29.

Below are the reaction and plans of some of the residents who won prizes during Enoc Grand Raffle draw.

Dubai resident John Ridge De Ala from the Philippines couldn’t quite believe his luck when he heard he had won such a big amount.

“I was in Deira fixing my car when I got the phone call from Mr Ali from DSF. I was so shocked, I felt like I was floating. It was unbelievable – a gift from God. This prize is going to help me figure out, and navigate, my personal finances,” he said.

John also wants to send some money back home to his family in the Philippines, and also make short and long investments. “But most importantly, I want to use this money to give back to charities," he said.

Jonathan Loyola from the Philippines bought the raffle draw coupon on December 12. “A few days later I received a call from someone named Hussein. I truly didn't believe that I had won anything, and I thought it was a scam. It took me a while to comprehend. I just felt so unbelievably lucky,” the Dubai resident said.

Jonathan will buy a car first, and create a profile on Grab as a driver to start with.

“I also want to start a small business back home and finish building my house back home. I am very blessed to be able to financially support this life-long project of mine. I also want to send some money to my family to share my blessings [with them], and donate to at least three charities – two in the Philippines and one here in Dubai,” he said.

Sara Al Kaake was another lucky resident to win Dh100,000.

“I acted like nothing had happened and just continued with my day. I couldn't wrap my head around it. This is my first time ever entering a raffle, and what are the chances that I ended up winning? It's surreal,” said Al Kaake.

“I am thinking about starting a down payment for a house back home in Lebanon, and [I'm considering] investing in something. Winning this made me realise that you really never know what your luck, or God, has in store for you,” said the Lebanese national.

Andrei Baluta from Romania was another lucky resident to win through the Enon Grand Raffle.

“We got the phone call very late in the evening, which made me really sceptical, and I didn’t believe that I had won anything. I started to believe it once they sent in all the documents and paperwork; from there, I was in total shock and still couldn't believe it,” he said.

Baluta plans to use all the money for the education of his three-year-old son to ensure a safe future for him.

Dh10,000 winners

Some lucky Dubai residents also won Dh10,000 cash prizes through the Enoc Grand Raffle. Here is what they have to say:

  • Andrew Mwebesa, a Ugandan national, won Dh10,000 in cash. He will use it not just to support himself, but also to provide creative opportunities for children in his local community back home. “The money helped me out in many ways. I used some of it for my personal finances, and the remainder went to my community back home in Uganda. I am an artist, and have opened an arts centre to help out orphans in Uganda,” he added.
  • Muhammad Arslan Ali from Pakistan wants to pursue an entrepreneurial path after winning the cash prize. “This prize has given me the opportunity to start my own business, which is something I have always wanted to do,” Ali said, after winning Dh10,000.
  • Muhammad Jamil Ahmad, also from Pakistan, will use his Dh10,000 to provide opportunities and gifts for his young children and family. “I will be using the money for my two children. I will take this as an opportunity to send money back home to Pakistan for my family to buy necessities.”


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