Duty comes first: Dubai cleaners swing into action in rain, volunteer to go the extra mile

One man said that he braces himself every year when it rains, brings extra tools to clear drains that are blocked by litter


SM Ayaz Zakir

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Supplied photos
Supplied photos

Published: Tue 27 Dec 2022, 2:45 PM

Last updated: Tue 27 Dec 2022, 8:38 PM

As rains lash the country, some enjoy the decreasing temperatures and some take refuge from the downpour in their homes. However, a select few work tirelessly through the rain to make the lives of those around them easier.

Many of these unsung heroes in Deira, Al Nahda, Karama, Satwa, and Marina swung into action. They volunteered to offer extra services after the rain to clear the roads, pathways, litter, etc.

Subba Raju, a cleaner in Jumeirah, has been working since it started raining yesterday afternoon. “I put on my raincoat and started working on the roads as it was clogged in the areas I operate,” said Raju.

Raju, who has been working with a private firm for the last four years, said that he has to brace himself every year and be ready to work extra to drain the congested road. “The moment I get news of rain, I bring a few extra tools with me to clear the drainage, which sometimes gets blocked by leaves, plastics, and litter,” said Raju.

Hameed Pasha, another cleaner, said he did his best to drain the water from many roads in Jumeirah yesterday. “Many roads were cleared last evening, but nature surprised us in the morning with rain,” said Pasha.

“When I was on my way to the streets where I operate, many by-lanes were clogged. So I had to clear the blockage and reach the street I operate,” added Pasha.

The cleaners believe that when the water on the roads and localities dry up, it invites a lot of extra effort to clear the mud and litter which gather due to the flow of the water.

On Kite Beach, Ateequllah Shaikh cleaned up the jogging tracks so people who come to reach their fitness goals don’t have a difficult time. “People come to jog throughout the day, and there is no specific time for it,” said Shaikh.

Shaikh started his work in the morning and had swept nearly 2 kilometres of track on Kite Beach. “It was drizzling in the morning, and I had to look for where water had accumulated,” said Shaikh.

Lifeguards at beaches across the Emirates were also working throughout as they have to be extra vigilant as it is not the right time to take a dip in the waters.


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