Dubai's Global Village smashes 15th world record

Dubai - It's now 10 records away from the 25 it aims to break for its 25th season.

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Published: Wed 17 Feb 2021, 12:33 PM

Dubai's Global Village has claimed its 15th Guinness World Records title this season. The destination aims to smash 25 records as it marks its 25th season.

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In association with the Africa Pavilion, the destination broke the record for the 'most beaded bracelets made in one hour'. About 26 exhibitors and artisans took part in the feat.

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The record was achieved in the second attempt after the team fell short the first time. The feat saw 575 bracelets completed within in an hour - much higher than the 375 that was needed.

The bracelets are now on sale.

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