Maison LutÚtia Clinic in Dubai offers a unique hair transplant DHI method

Filed on August 19, 2021 | Last updated on September 3, 2021 at 08.22 am

The no marks, no scar DHI hair transplant guarantees a gentle, non-invasive procedure, and natural-looking results

Ambassador of natural beauty Ó la franšaise, Maison LutÚtia proudly carries the Parisian codes in its DNA. It is in Paris that the history of the Maison began, offering a new vision of beauty, more natural and more elegant. This ever-renewed avant-gardism has made it possible to export to Dubai the savoir-faire so dear to its experts.

Strategically located in Dubai Festival City and Dubai Festival Plaza, Maison LutÚtia clinic is accessible to both local residents and those coming to the country for the day to get aesthetic treatments for naturally beautiful skin, body, and hair. Delicately mixing Parisian and Middle Eastern cultures, both the female and the mixed lounges are styled like an Arab majlis with fabrics, textures, antiques and a palette reminiscent of the Maison LutÚtia Clinic in Paris.

As a specialist in aesthetic medicine, LutÚtia clinic offers its patients a 360░ experience to treat small imperfections while respecting the authenticity of each person's features, whatever the age of the patient. The approach is personalised for tailor-made results. The clinic has been setting precedents in the region by offering a plethora of state-of-the-art services.

The unique DHI hair transplant

The clinic is offering a game-changing new treatment called direct hair transplant (DHI) carried out only by a DHI expert doctor. With great delicacy and precision, each hair follicle is extracted using a specially designed and patented DHI tool that makes micro punches (approx. 0.7 mm to one mm) on the donor zone. This technique guarantees gentle, non-invasive, yet manual harvesting. The implanter instrument is a small, spring-loaded stylus with a grooved needle. And it gives full control of direction, angle, and depth. The DHI Method is a simple, non-invasive method with rigorous protocols, where there are no incisions and therefore no scars in the extraction and recipient area.

All practising doctors at Maison LutÚtia are hyper-specialised in DHI hair transplants and do not carry out any other type of procedure. These specialists are required to follow rigorous training of between 10 to 18 months minimum to master the method perfectly and makes sure it meets natural results.

DHI technique vis-Ó-vis traditional FUE method

Maison Lutetia's direct hair implantation method is an evolution of the traditional follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. Most capillary grafting (hair transplant) methods are differentiated by the extraction technique, yet with DHI it is the implantation technique that sets the clinic apart from every other technique in practice. The FUE technique, is aggressive, for both the scalp and the follicles and has several disadvantages: Firstly, it is difficult to create density as the grafts cannot be implanted closely together because of the incisions made in the scalp. Secondly, these incisions, while healing, leave an 'orange peel' appearance on the skin and prevent the natural direction the regrowth of hair would normally take. Furthermore, when forced into the forceps, the follicles, which must be handled with great delicacy, are traumatised. In comparison, the direct hair implantation method used at the LutÚtia clinic is a simple, non-invasive method, without incisions, scars, and one that employs rigorous protocol.

DHI costing

LutÚtia clinic quotes by the size of the session each patient needs. Then its medical team works to fulfil the hair loss needs and work on the areas that need to be addressed. Hair transplant involves safely harvesting hair from a person's donor zones. If an individual has a very good and healthy donor, the clinic would aim to extract at least 5,000/6,000 hairs to get to lend a natural-looking result.

Post-treatment care

The clinic's regrowth rate is approximately 98 per cent or more. Maison LutÚtia has had patients scratch their implants in their sleep or knock their heads against something. The brand promises post-operation care and instructions. The treatment hinges on very strict protocols so that follicles are treated with the utmost care and the session is conducted in an optimum environment.

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