How Sunnah food, habits will lead to healthy, happy life

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How Sunnah food, habits will lead to healthy, happy life

Dubai - The programme comprised a series of talks by Islamic teacher Saima Mahmoud and Dr Summia Naz.

By Saman Haziq

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Published: Thu 7 Nov 2019, 10:36 PM

Last updated: Tue 12 Nov 2019, 12:26 PM

Over 400 women gathered in Oud Metha to learn more about the Sunnah - way of the holy prophet - for a healthy lifestyle.
The event saw the participation of nutritionists, general practitioners, diabetologist, psychologist, a health coach and a fitness trainer who gave free consultations, emphasising on how taking care of one's mental, emotional and physical well-being can enhance the quality of life.
"The idea behind the event is to remind and educate people that life lessons imparted by the most influential and revered man in history - Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) - are not only relevant to modern-day challenges but also beneficial for our mind, body and soul," said Sadaf Ather, vice-president of the ladies forum of the Pakistan Association Dubai (Pad).
"In today's artificial world, we seek to create awareness about the benefits of Sunnah. If we try and adopt his habits and dealings with people and spirituality, we would become the best versions of ourselves - physically, spiritually and socially."
The programme comprised a series of talks by Islamic teacher Saima Mahmoud and Dr Summia Naz, who founded an integrative therapy programme in 2017 and specialises in women and children issues.
While Mahmoud spoke about the daily routine and healthy habits of the holy prophet, Dr Naz elaborated on how to attain good mental and emotional well-being.
She emphasised that following Sunnah and having a holistic approach in all aspects of life helps fight stress and acts as an antidepressant.
Getting active
The talks were followed by a light exercise session by a hijabi fitness trainer and nutrition coach Maryam Shirinova from Azerbijan, who got the audience moving and stretching while explaining about the importance of exercise.
The Pakistan auditorium, where the event was held, had stalls offering various products - prophetic medicines such as raw organic honey; black seed oil; home-cooked Sunnah foods such as talbina, tharid, nabiz drink; organic soaps such as camel milk soap and neem soap; healing oils from Maya Organic World; and books.
Free pamphlets on the importance of Sunnah and balanced diets were distributed along with diet charts.
Dates, apricots, figs and miswak were also given away.
Uzma Zamaan, who attended the event, said she felt refreshed as the talks reminded her of the forgotten Sunnah.
"I am glad I attended this event. I learnt so much on how to take care of myself. I also had the chance to meet powerful, educated and balanced women who helped us through their talks and advice.
"I felt empowered after these sessions as it reminded us that religion is not only about prayer but also about taking care of ourselves and our families to lead a happy and healthy life."

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