7 reasons why retirees should apply for 5-year Dubai visa

7 reasons, why, retirees, should apply, 5-year Dubai visa

Dubai - Dubai Tourism has worked with its partners to develop key propositions for retirees covering healthcare, real estate, insurance and banking.

By Sahim Salim

Published: Wed 2 Sep 2020, 10:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 3 Sep 2020, 10:15 PM

Dubai has become the region's first city to offer a retirement visa programme for its residents and people around the world. Those aged 55 and above can apply for the five-year visa provided they have a monthly income of Dh20,000 from investments or pensions; or Dh1 million in savings; or property in Dubai worth Dh2 million.
Dubai Tourism has worked with its partners to develop key propositions for retirees covering healthcare, real estate, insurance and banking.
The authority has listed out seven reasons that would make Dubai the "ideal destination for retirees"
1-Unique lifestyle: Home to over 200 nationalities, Dubai is a cosmopolitan destination that unites cultures, beliefs, and values under a banner of tolerance and diversity. Although Arabic is the official language, Dubai is a multilingual city where English is the most widely spoken language. Special banking options to enable retirees to own a property that fits their lifestyle will be available only to holders of the retirement visa.
2-Convenience: It's a city of affordable luxury where retirees can choose the quality of life they desire.
3-Recreation: One of the world's most popular leisure and shopping destinations, living in Dubai will enable retirees to take care of all their needs, whether it's rest, relaxation or recreation. As the gastronomic capital of the region, Dubai offers a range of culinary experiences catering to all appetites, cultures and budgets. Residents can choose from thousands of cafés, food trucks and restaurants that reflect the exotic cuisines of its 200 plus resident nationalities, whether it is dished out by Michelin-starred chefs or street vendors. Dubai also provides a diverse and world-class spa offering in a variety of settings whether it's the beach, the city or desert resorts. For connoisseurs of art and culture, Dubai provides many ways to discover its history and heritage and be part of a vibrant creative community of artists, as well as the opportunity to attend a plethora of festivals and events throughout the year.
4-An active and fit society: Retirees in Dubai have access to a healthy outdoor lifestyle, with a wide range of fitness options, whether it is strolling or jogging along sandy beaches, relaxing in beautiful gardens or hiking in Hatta. An active citywide fitness movement driven by the Dubai Fitness Challenge reflects the city's collective spirit and strong sense of community.
5-Proximity & connectivity: Combined with its ideal geographical location midway between the West and the East, Dubai's highly-connected infrastructure - both technological and physical - makes it easy for retirees to connect with and visit friends and family from all over the world. Dubai International (DXB) is one of the busiest airports in the world and connects more than 240 destinations through 140 airlines. With the addition of its second airport Dubai World Central (DWC), connectivity has become one of Dubai's most compelling advantages. With the city's two homegrown airlines Emirates and flydubai and over 100 other regular and low-cost airlines to choose from, Dubai ranks as one of the top cities in the world when it comes to airline connectivity. Perfectly positioned as a gateway to the globe, retirees can travel to anywhere in Europe, Asia, and Africa in under eight hours.
6-World-class healthcare system: Dubai provides the highest quality of healthcare across a range of specialisations. Following the global pandemic, Dubai's robust healthcare system has been further strengthened in line with the highest international benchmarks and best practices. The city continues to be one of the world's safest destinations. Furthermore, Dubai Tourism has developed price-competitive insurance packages for retirees in cooperation with leading companies in the sector.
7-Legacy management: To ensure that retirees can have their affairs planned for and protected, the DIFC Wills Service Centre has developed enhanced wills drafting, registration and probate services at exclusive competitive rates. The services will help retirees enjoy their lives in Dubai confident that their assets are safe and can be passed on to their loved ones.

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