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Hemani Group has grown from a modest spices and herbs trader to an enormous herbal empire, exporting quality natural goods to over 70 countries across the globe

Hemani Group originated in Pakistan in 1949 as a humble trader of spices and herbs. The current CEO, Mustafa Hemani, joined his father’s company 35 years later and dreamed of expanding it beyond his home country. In 1995, with the big hopes of a profitable future, Hemani identified Dubai as a land of opportunities where he set up the head office for his operations and began to reap the benefits of catering to the MENA region and the rest of the world. Today, Hemani, a herbal brand with more than 70 years of experience, has evolved into a leading lifestyle brand with over 37 stores globally. With a wide range of natural lifestyle solutions, Hemani has over 1,200 products, there is something for everyone. Choices from an array of product categories are available through herbal oils, health essentials, fragrance, skin and hair care, and personal care.

Dubai’s geographical location and its friendly business policy helped the Hemani Group penetrate the globe. “My sincere thanks go to the vision of the UAE Rulers for providing the opportunity to stay here and work in such an open manner so that then, the sky’s the limit,” gushes Hemani.

With the growth of the Internet and the era of instant gratification dawning, Hemani envisioned an evolution of the group’s products and services. “The new generation didn’t like the traditional way of using herbs. They wanted it the value-added way, where everything is ready to consume,” he says. In response to this, Hemani Group launched its first product, Black Seed Oil in 2006. The miraculous powerful seed is known to be a cure for almost anything. The firm belief unfolded opportunities to create black seed products and the company became a tough competition in the market. From herbal oils to honey to skin and hair care, the yield of black seed products has only advanced through the years.

Two years later, the company shifted to value-added products and launched the Hemani brand into the international sphere, with Dubai as its centre of business. Since then, the company has increased its range of oils to around 80 types. Then came its varieties of 100 per cent herbal teas, skincare, massage and pain-relieving creams.

Evolving demand

As consumers have more access to information, there is a shift to a natural approach to health and wellness as they have knowledge of the harmful side-effects of needless chemicals and additives. With its slogan ‘Live Natural’, this has worked tremendously in Hemani Group’s favour. “We are on top because our quality and prices are unmatched,” says Hemani.

This was only boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic last year. According to Hemani, the company foresaw a rise in demand for natural products as many of them have immunity-boosting benefits, among several other general health benefits. “Our sales have grown by 20 per cent compared to 2019; 2020 was a much better year for us,” says Hemani, adding that the UAE Rulers’ immediate action to back the business sector with subsidies and supportive policies during these challenging times set an example to other countries. With the help of the connectivity that Dubai provides the company is also able to make deliveries and shipments on time despite closures around the world.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, Hemani never closed its pockets and generously provided charitable support both in UAE and Pakistan through certified charity organisations. They also distributed their Immunity Building Herbal Products and Hand Sanitizers for free to deserving people so that they can stay safe.

Attention to detail

Hemani Group promises only premium quality products for its customers. With his expertise in herbs, Hemani knows exactly where to go to get the best of every herb. In addition to this, an extensive level of research and testing goes into every single product in Hemani Group’s product range. Its expert teams work day and night in an 800 square feet research facility in Pakistan, which is affiliated with the largest laboratory in the country.

“Our teams work with each ingredient, understanding benefits, side effects, positives and negatives of each one. One product can take around one year from creation to reaching the public,” says Hemani.

Before reaching the public domain, the products are first rigourously tested within Hemani Group itself. “Once the product is developed, it is sent to the lab in Pakistan to check the product’s stability, conductivity, and skin allergy. Only once we get satisfactory results there do we bring it to other countries.”

Vision for 2021

Hemani Group has noticed such a significant boost in its health and wellness related products that it only made sense to expand the area. With a focus on youth, the company will soon introduce a range of health supplements. “Due to the unpleasant taste of certain oils, many youngsters do not want to consume them as they are, so we have designed single-ingredient capsules for this very purpose,” says Hemani. Another luxury and exclusive addition this year is honey with 24 carat gold flakes! An utterly brilliant and delicious health treat that is a sure delight for health, tantalising taste buds with the luxurious experience of edible gold flakes folded in Sidr Honey with infusions of Bulgarian Rose and Chios Mastic. It contains benefits for better memory power, enhanced immune health, and improved skin and oral care.

Hemani is positive that the demand for cosmetic and perfumes products will return this year and the group is working on establishing a perfume factory in Pakistan where it will manufacture world-class perfumes. He also stated that his ambition for the group is to sell its products in at least 100 countries by the end of 2021.

Relations between UAE and Pakistan

“Being the Director of the Pakistan Business Council in Dubai, it is my responsibility to bring both countries together and increase trade between them, so the business community will grow automatically, creating jobs and other opportunities,” says Hemani.

Wishes for Pakistan Resolution Day

“Be a Pakistani and love Pakistan. It is your responsibility to obey the law of the land you reside in so that we can be a part of this country and show a positive image of our country.”

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