Dubai: YouTuber to live in glass room near Burj Khalifa to help raise $10 million for refugees

The humanitarian campaign is calling on everyone to help vulnerable people get through the winter

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Published: Thu 6 Jan 2022, 4:16 PM

A content creator will live in a glass room in Downtown Dubai near the Burj Khalifa until a UAE campaign raises $10 million.

The World’s Coolest Winter campaign, which celebrates the UAE’s most beautiful tourism destinations, is extending humanitarian support to more than 100,000 refugees and people in need through the new humanitarian initiative called ‘Warm Winter’.

Galaxy Racer’s content creator AboFlah will be living in the glass room as part of the initiative. It will be live-streamed on YouTube and other content creators and influencers will be collaborating and creating their own posts to raise awareness of the humanitarian initiative.

The initiative aims to support hundreds of thousands of refugees and families in need in Africa and the Arab world. It will raise millions of dollars to provide food, winter clothing, blankets, mattresses and critical aid to help displaced men, women and children prepare for harsh winter conditions.

The humanitarian campaign is calling on everyone to help vulnerable people get through the winter. It will provide the most aid and support to the largest number of refugees and people in need in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Food Banking Regional Network.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can donate to the humanitarian initiative. Contributions can be made to the Warm Winter campaign at

AboFlah’s previous humanitarian work in October 2021 raised $1 million from 31,000 donors during a 28-hour live broadcast which garnered over 28 million views. It helped support refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq in coordination with UNCHR.

His YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the world, with over 22 million subscribers and over 2.8 billion views. He is followed by millions of fans who avidly watch his vlogs, comedy shorts and formatted shows covering video games and popular culture.

AboFlah said: “Warmth in winter for those facing harsh winter conditions is no less important than food and water. There are millions of refugees and displaced people who need all the support they can get. I wanted to participate in this humanitarian initiative and hope everyone will contribute by bringing warmth to the lives of those who are deprived of it. The World’s Coolest Winter campaign deserves appreciation for launching Warm Winter in cooperation with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and I am proud to support it.”


Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer, said AboFlah has done a lot of charities in the past and has been an inspiration to many.

“We are confident this initiative is going to be record-breaking for the right reasons and we are happy to support the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and its partners into making this a reality for the greater good with positive impact.”

Who will benefit?

UNCHR and the Food Banking Regional Network will purchase basic supplies and necessities such as blankets, winter clothes and heating appliances and provide them to refugees in Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. The assistance will also extend to individuals and families in Syria and Egypt.

UNHCR estimates that there are 3.8 million refugees and displaced people in the Arab region, as well as millions in Africa, who need critical assistance to survive winter.

Dr Moez El Shohdi, founder and CEO of the Food Banking Regional Network, said: “Warm Winter will provide direct support to refugees and those in need, serving as an open message of solidarity to aid millions of refugees and displaced people facing bleak conditions this winter.”

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