Dubai: Villa with 1,600 year-old olive tree sold for Dh128 million

The property comprises four floors including a rooftop terrace fully equipped with a modern gym, yoga deck and hot tub


Waheed Abbas

Published: Thu 15 Sep 2022, 5:11 PM

Last updated: Thu 15 Sep 2022, 11:04 PM

A new villa has been sold for Dh128 million on Palm Jumeirah Frond G, which features a 1,600-year-old olive tree.

Called Framed Allure, the Signature villa has an enclosed area of over 19,240 sqft and is an architectural masterpiece by renowned architect, Emre Arolat.

The now-completed property on Billionaire's Row comprises of four floors, including a picturesque rooftop terrace fully equipped with a modern gym, yoga deck and hot tub.

Upon entering the villa, the double-height entrance is adorned with Italian-inspired bespoke metal sculptures from top to bottom, with one-off furniture pieces from the likes of Minotti, Henge, B&B Italia, Baxter and Boca Do Lobo.

“The Framed Allure villa is an exceptional addition to our portfolio, as the most expensive Signature Villa on Palm Jumeirah", said Babak Jafari, Founder of B1 Properties, which sold the property.

"It is one of the few properties that seamlessly blend the outdoors and indoors with sophistication, while breaking traditional norms in regards to the geometric style of the façade", said Emre Arolat.

"The amenities are in a class of their own, with everything one could possibly desire and imagine available in a single home. Each project I work on is a unique combination of intellect and art, bound together by the local environment and culture."

"For this particular project, I closed the building volume at the sides, to prevent any physical or visual relationship with neighbouring sites", he added. "I also extended the villa toward the sea and the garden, keeping it unique and ensuring that the maximum height and width were utilised.”

The estate offers many luxurious amenities and features, such as the home cinema, study, relaxation spaces, and a rooftop bar and lounge. It also features a basement underwater car vault that acts as a showroom and safe space for vehicles. The Framed Allure villa provides automobile enthusiasts space for up to 10 cars.


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