Dubai: Vehicles with 24K gold interior, rare hyper-cars and watches; have you been to The Space?

The private hyper-car collection showcases over 50 cars on a rotational basis


Nandini Sircar

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Rare cars displayed at The Space. — Photos by M. Sajjad
Rare cars displayed at The Space. — Photos by M. Sajjad

Published: Fri 19 May 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 19 May 2023, 2:07 PM

Dubai stands out as a city of everything exotic, and solidifying its reputation is a hidden gem in the city.

Standing testimony to the hub of everything fancy and luxurious in the world is ‘The Space’, which serves as a storage facility for exclusive vehicles that include many one-off ultra-luxury models of Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Bugatti, and Ferrari just to name a few.

This rare private hyper-car collection showcases over 50 cars on a rotational basis, ensuring a constant influx of novelty to captivate not only hyper car collectors and supercar enthusiasts but also individuals who may not possess extensive knowledge about cars.

It also prides itself for being home to the Formula 1 car which won the race in the UAE in 2021. “This is a private property of one of our collectors. It’s being stored here for safekeeping purposes,” said Jakub Bajak, COO, The Space.

The young at heart can also enjoy the cutting-edge Formula 1 VR Simulator, adding to the excitement for those passionate about the sport or simply wanting to enjoy the elemental thrill without participating in an actual race.

“Some of the unique pieces we have are two Rolls-Royce cars owned by a company called Mansory, which is a luxury car modification firm based in Brand, Germany. They are basically one-of one. One of them is the Palm edition. Everything which was chrome or plastic inside is replaced with 24K gold. Similarly, we have another Rolls-Royce which is based on the ghost platform. Likewise, there is a special design of the paint outside and bespoke features inside, including gold plating. Among the sports cars, we have two Mclaren Elvis. Normally they produce 149 of those vehicles. They are unique and rare to find in the UAE and on the roads in general. Similarly, we have one-of-one Bugatti Chiron super sport. It’s in a very special paint which was introduced by the Bugatti itself. In addition, we also have one of 88 Aston Martin Speedsters. It’s very difficult to spot on the road anywhere else.”

Adding to the grandeur of The Space is also the Praga Bohema which was launched for the GCC in the recent past and saw a significant number of takers in the UAE market as well.

“In a month or two all the approvals from the RTA will be procured to drive the Praga Bohema on the UAE roads. It’s a road legal race car. So, people will see that on the UAE roads soon.”

Shedding light on the clientele, Bakaj added: “Our clients are typically people who have multiple (luxury) vehicles who want to take care of these (cars) in a proper manner and we provide this space as a car storage facility along with adequate maintenance. They either do not have time to do it themselves or have space restrictions in their households. So, then they give the cars to us, for care. Similarly, we have customers who travel to Europe for half a year or longer. During that time, we make sure that the car is readily available for them when they come back.”

Limited Edition watch collection

The spot in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2 is also home to some of the most prestigious limited edition watch collections in the entire world.

Among the 40 unique watches that include high-end brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe, is a Kross Studio watch inspired by the Star Wars collection that comes in a spaceship-like capsule weighing 40kg. There are only 10 pieces in the entire world with Dubai being home to one of these.

If having such luxury items wasn’t enough, The Space also has premium executive lounge for VIP guests, fully equipped with a private kitchen, conference room, a lounge overlooking the entire venue, making it a one-of-a-kind front row seat for corporate and private events.

Bajak said: “Additionally, we have a wall that is made of multiple features composed of car parts as musical instruments. It’s plated with gold and designed by an Indian artist who comes from Goa. The reason for this wall was to represent what the engine sounds like.”

The 15,000-sqm venue boasts of state-of-the-art amenities like acoustic sound systems, high-definition screens and moving headlights with a prep room available for catering setup, and built-in production setup for screens.

“Our second type of customers, which is the backbone of The Space, are the event customers. We are attractive to them because we have a ready exposition if somebody wishes to have it, which are the vehicles. We have preinstalled all the equipment that is necessary, starting from the screens through the lighting, sound system, and the sound dampening features on our ceilings. For the more basic events it’s basically plug and play, and people can come in one hour before and have everything set up on time. It is fully customizable for the customers for the more robust events as well,” opined Bajak.

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