Dubai: Unemployed expat says Dh100,000 Mahzooz prize money will help her 'live, not just survive'

All three winners of the latest raffle draw also plan to donate to charity

Arifa — Supplied photo
Arifa — Supplied photo

A Staff Reporter

Published: Fri 11 Feb 2022, 12:10 PM

Last updated: Fri 11 Feb 2022, 12:12 PM

For an unemployed Pakistani expat, Mahzooz was the last resort.

Arifa, 47, won Dh100,000 in the 63rd weekly live Mahzooz raffle draw. She said she was inspired to participate in Mahzooz after stumbling upon the story of her compatriot Junaid's historical Dh50 million win online.

"I was drowning in problems and Mahzooz was my last resort. I can't believe it has paid off!" she said.

Though Arifa has goals to start her own business, she said she will also use the money to help families in need, even though she has been unemployed for the past year-and-a-half due to Covid-19.

“Whenever I come into some money - however little it might be - I give some of it to needy families. My Mahzooz winnings will help me finally live, instead of just surviving, and jump-start my online garment business that had hit a roadblock,” said Arifa. Some of the prize money will also be sent to her mother back home in Pakistan.

Indian expat Shabbir, too, was motivated to participate in Mahzooz after hearing about other winners' stories in the newspapers and on the radio week after week.

“I thought there had to be some merit to Mahzooz if there were so many winners whose lives were transformed. Now, that I’ve experienced it myself, I’m convinced!” said the 36-year-old furniture production manager.

Shabbir will give his wife and parents free rein to decide how the winning amount will be used, but he’s sure about donating a portion of it to those in need.

“This prize money is an unexpected gift and just like Mahzooz was instrumental in changing my life, I want help transform someone else’s life, too, through charity; one good turn deserves another,” Shabbir said.


Filipino winner Merrick, 59, a storekeeper from Al Ain, said: “I will retire this year, so this winning amount is just the capital I need to start a small convenience store in the Philippines without taking a loan. Also, this financial stability will allow me to donate to charity in some way and give back to the community."

The 63rd weekly live Mahzooz Grand Draw also saw 40 winners share the Dh1 million second prize, taking home Dh25,000 each.

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