Dubai: Three winners bag Dh100,000 in Mahzooz raffle draw

The windfall arrived at an opportune moment for the expats


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Published: Thu 18 Nov 2021, 12:48 PM

Three lucky expats woke up Dh100,000 richer after they each won in last week’s Mahzooz Raffle Draw.

The 51st weekly live Mahzooz draw saw a total of Dh1.7 million given away as prize money. Sinan, Nadeem and Abdusammed were declared the winners.

The windfall arrived at an opportune moment for Iraqi national Sinan, whose mother requires knee surgery.

“My Mahzooz win has been a godsend. My mother’s health and comfort has always been my priority. This money will get her the best treatment possible and ease her pain,” said the 43-year-old communication manager.

Besides being a caring son, Dubai-resident Sinan is also altruistic; he intends to donate 10 per cent of his prize money to charity. “When I took a nap on Saturday evening, I didn’t think I’d wake up to my friend’s call informing me I’ve won Dh100,000 on my very first try! This money is a gift I want to share with the less fortunate.”

Indian sales executive Nadeem shares Sinan’s commitment to pay it forward. After donating to charities that support people with mental illnesses, the 29-year-old Abu Dhabi resident will use his winnings to help his friends.

“When I first came to the UAE, these friends helped me with a place to stay and food to eat. Now that I have enough money, I want to return the favour," he said.

The selfless friend is also ecstatic about the financial freedom his prize money brings him. “Dh100,000 is substantial - I can pay off loans I’d taken to get married and live a debt-free life at such a young age. It’s a dream come true,”

He added: “Mahzooz provides an opportunity for individuals like me, from middle-class families, to fast-forward the process of turning our dreams into reality, all while donating bottles of water to charity. I love that Mahzooz mirrors my principle of lifting up others while you’re on the rise.”

Abdussamed, another Abu Dhabi-based Indian winner, is also thrilled about how the prize money will relieve him of economic burdens. “I’m going to pay off loans in India and start building my family our dream house,” said the 35-year-old driver.

“My annual leave next month will be extra special as I can splurge on my family in a way I haven’t during my 14 years of working in the UAE,” Abdussamed added.


All three winners expressed hope of winning the Dh10 million top prize in upcoming Mahzooz Grand Draws.

The 51st weekly live Mahzooz Grand Draw saw 29 winners share the Dh1 million second prize, taking home Dh34,482 each. The top prize of Dh10 million is still up for grabs.

Entrants can participate in both the Mahzooz Grand Draw and Raffle Draw by registering via and purchasing a bottle of water for AED 35.

The next weekly live draw will be held on Saturday, November 20 at 9pm UAE time. Mahzooz is inclusive to all who are eligible.

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