Dubai taxi driver deliberately reverses into another car after argument, gets fired

Dubai taxi driver deliberately reverses into another car after argument, gets fired

Dubai - He got out of his car on a busy street and started arguing with the driver behind him.


Angel Tesorero

Published: Fri 28 Jul 2017, 2:45 PM

Last updated: Sat 29 Jul 2017, 9:38 AM

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has underscored its policy of not condoning any unruly conduct on the road, following a recent video circulating on social media showing a Dubai cabbie deliberately reversing his taxi and crashing into another car.

"Further to what has been circulating on social media, where a taxi driver of one of franchise companies in Dubai, has intentionally reversed to hit the vehicle behind, the RTA stresses that this is a sheer individual conduct on the part of the cab driver," the RTA said in a statement sent to Khaleej Times on Thursday.

"The RTA shuns this sort of attitude and other unruly conducts unfitting with the profile of the RTA in particular and Dubai emirate in general," the RTA underlined.

The RTA said that it has taken the appropriate action towards this incident by directing the concerned company to terminate the services of the driver and withdraw his permit as a taxi driver in the emirate.

The RTA stressed that "the UAE community is governed by rules and legislations that address any outlawed behaviours in breach of the values and ethical practices prevailing in the country".

"Therefore, the RTA regrets this uncivilized behaviour and calls on all parties to comply with the civilised values," it added.

The one-minute-and-15-second video, uploaded on YouTube by a certain Shabir Ahmed on July 24, shows an unidentified taxi driver getting out of his vehicle in the middle of a busy street and arguing with another driver.

After a heated argument and loud shouting, the driver returns to his taxi but instead of moving ahead, he slams the brakes several times and intentionally reverses his cab to hit the car behind.

The incident happened in broad daylight on July 20 on Al Mutaina Street.

Stay cool and avoid road rage

According to Thomas Edelmann, founder and managing director of Road Safety UAE, "the behaviour of motorists is the number one distraction on UAE roads."

His advice: "If we experience inconsiderate or wrong behaviour of other motorists, we must remain cool and collected and we must apply anger management tools which we also use in other situations in life - for example: easy breathing exercises or taking your mind away from the 'hot' situation."

Secondly, we must be aware, that our own mistakes or misbehaviour can trigger rage in others. Hence, we must avoid, to the best of our abilities, to irritate others. We must obey the rules of the road and we must always display a caring manner to other motorists.

"One thing always applies: Treat others like you want to be treated. If we want to be treated by others in a respectful and caring manner, we must first respect and care for others," Edelmann says.

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