Dubai roads get new speed limits: Debunking the myth

Dubai roads get new speed limits: Debunking the myth

Some dubai roads now have some 'friendly' radars that flash a warning when the driver is about to exceed the grace window of 20 km/hr.

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By Web Report

Published: Mon 9 Jan 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 12 Jan 2017, 8:08 AM

Rumours have been doing the rounds in Dubai that speed limits on key roads have been revised, and the 20 km/hr window of radar flash has been done away with.
At the moment, radars on most roads are set to flash when the driver exceeds the stipulated speed limit by over 20 km per hour.
Khaleej Times did a quick check on the Dubai Police website, and has found that no such changes have been made to speed limits.
According to Arabic daily Al Bayan, the Dubai police called upon users of social media to share the right news from its sources and not to be driven by untrue reports that are posted on social media.
However, what has changed on the roads is that some radars have become "friendlier". Instead of flashing after the driver exceeds the 20 km/hr window, these radars send out a warning flash when they find that a driver is about to go beyond the grace window. Therefore, don't worry if you are driving at 118 km/hr on a road that has a 100 km/hr speed limit and you are flashed by a radar.
"One should not post any material, whether it is a video clip or a voice recording, on social media sites as they may contain wrong information that pertains to the safety of the public even if this is done with good intentions," said Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Dubai Police's Assistant Commander- in-chief for Operations.
Here are the speed limits on key Dubai roads, according to the Dubai Police website:

S. No.RoadRoad speedRadar control
1Al Nahda 80101
2Damascus 80101
3Al Quds 80101
4Tunisia 80101
5Sheik Khalifa 80101
6Amman 80101
7Port 80101
8Beirut 80101
9Zaabeel second 80101
10University City 80101
11Airport Tunnel-Beirut 80101
12Tripoli 80101
13Al Jumeira 7091
14Nad Al Shiba 7091
15Al Wasl 7091
16Baghdad 7091
17Um Al Sheef 7091
18Al Manarah 7091
19Al Athar 7091
20Al Thunaya 7091
21Park 7091
22Al Seif 7091
23Al Orouba 7091
24Towers 7091
25Muscat 7091
26Al Khail 100121
27Al Yalayes 80101
28Al Awwer 80101
29Emirates 120141
30Dubai-Hatta 100121
31Mohammad Bin Zayed 120141
32Jabal Ali Lehbab 100121
33Al Itihad 100121
34Ras Al Khor 100121
35Sheikh Zayed 100121
36Al Rabat 100121
37Al Khawaneej 100121
38Al Amardi 100121
39Al Sheik Rashid 100121
40Hatta General 100121
41Al Khaleej 80101
42Airport 80101
43Nad Al Hamar 80101
44Al Soufouh 6081
45Al Soufouh 2 7091
46Oud Metha 80101
47Um Hurair 80101
48Um Suqaim 90111
49Al Mankhoul 80101
50Al Manama 80101
51Al Maidan 80101
52White House 7091
53Hessa 80101
54Al Mafraq 7091
55Dubai Financial 80101
56Al Qudra 100121
57Algeria 80101
58Tunisia 80101
59Dubai-AlAin 100121
60Al Asayel 80101
61Qarn Al sabkhah 80101
62Al Khail First 6091
63Al Forsan 6091

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