Dubai Police announce walk-through full body scanner

The new device will identify suspects even if they hide their faces, wear masks and gloves or cover surveillance cameras


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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KT photo/M. Sajjad
KT photo/M. Sajjad

Published: Wed 8 Mar 2023, 4:10 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Mar 2023, 8:49 PM

A new, highly advanced biometric identification which helps accurately identify potential suspects during an investigation is being introduced by Dubai Police.

The new device that supports the collection of palm and fingerprint, and conducts facial and iris recognition, was announced by the force during the Dubai world Police Summit.

Speaking to Khaleej Times on the sidelines of the event, Captain Mohamed Shafee Hamad, an expert from the Forensic Evidence Depart at Dubai Police said that the new device which will be introduced this year is a highly advanced system with large-scale biometric identification.

How the biometric device works

The revolutionary electronic walk-through full-body scanner, which is equipped with 25 high-quality cameras, allows a suspect to walk for 20 meters, and during this time, all biometrics are collected and processed.

The system will also analyse body movements, steps, and dimensions of the face. It also compares data with others suspects who share similar features to rapidly and accurately identify the potential suspects. “This new solution will provide solid evidence against suspects who hide their faces, wear masks and gloves, cover surveillance cameras or in cases where there is poor vision at the crime scene,” explained Hamad.

Upgrading investigation solutions

According to the expert, Dubai Police strives to develop investigation solutions, practices and techniques to counter emerging crime methods. Which is the reason the department is seeking to utilise the multiple forensic biometrics system to reveal the identity of the suspects.

The device helps overcome challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic wherein suspects avoided fingerprinting and wore face masks.

Due to the technological advancement in analysing electronic forensic evidence, Dubai Police has helped local and international agencies compare multiple forensic biometrics.

Biometric solutions solved 3,200 crimes

In 2022, Dubai Police used biometric solutions to solve 3,200 cases. Captain Hamad said that the system had helped investigation teams to reveal the identity of a 43-year-old Russian suspect who entered the country on a visit visa and carried out thefts at 25 ATM machines. He managed to withdraw cash of more than Dh500,000 from accounts belonging to people from around the world.

The suspect was identified and arrested in less than 15 days and referred to public prosecution.

He was wearing a face mask and dark glasses which concealed his identity and made it difficult for police to identify him. The investigation team resorted to biometrics, palm and fingerprinting as well as pictures of his hand taken by the cameras installed in the ATM. The photos revealed tattoos on his hand.

In another case, police managed to identify a suspect who was disguised as a woman and wearing an Abaya to break into a flat and steal Dh12 million. The investigation team used forensic gait analysis and body measurements, after analysing CCTV footage from the crime scene.


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