Dubai Police horseback patrols get first female rider

Supplied Photo
Supplied Photo

Dubai - Captain Halima Al Saadi's job entails seizing illegal vehicles, arrest criminals and issue fines to violators

By Staff Report

Published: Tue 24 Aug 2021, 2:52 PM

The horseback patrols of the Dubai Police have got its first female rider.

Captain Halima Al Saadi has joined the Mounted Police unit and her job entails seizing illegal vehicles, arresting criminals and issuing fines to violators.

“I’m extremely proud and happy to be part of the Dubai Mounted Police. I’ve always been passionate about equines. Horse riding is an amazing experience, especially when it’s for the sake of enhancing the safety and security of our beloved Emirate,” Captain Al Saadi said.

The officer has been with the Dubai Police for 23 years. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the Dubai Police Academy and a diploma in research and investigation from the General Department of Criminal Investigation. She has also been part of many equestrian courses and participated in national activities and conferences.

The officer used to work with the General Department of Airports Security and at the Anti-Cybercrime Department.

The horseback patrols have a variety of tasks: Provide security coverage, secure events, and build strong community relations. Mounted patrols have the advantage of accessing narrow alleys that police vehicles can’t reach. They play a major role in educating residents about movement restrictions and safety measures.

Major-General Mohammad Al Adhb, director of Dubai Mounted Police, said the force has always been keen on empowering and enhancing the role of women in various departments.

“The Dubai Police spare no effort towards increasing the level of women’s participation, and ensuring they play a vital role towards their community,” he added.

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