Dubai: Pakistani, Ethiopian, Lebanese take home Dh100,000 each in latest raffle draw

The weekly draws consists of the Grand Draw with a chance to win the top prize of Dh20 million


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From left: Aamir, Melkamu and Omar. Photo: Supplied
From left: Aamir, Melkamu and Omar. Photo: Supplied

Published: Thu 14 Dec 2023, 1:55 PM

Mahzooz, the leading UAE draw that has changed thousands of lives and crowned 64 millionaires to date, on Thursday announced three distinguished winners of its latest raffle draw conducted during the 158th weekly draw on December 9.

Each of the following winners took home an impressive Dh100,000 prize as part of the guaranteed triple 100 raffle draw. The latest victors hail from Lebanon, Ethiopia and Pakistan, contributing to the global appeal of Mahzooz.

Omar, a 29-year-old from Lebanon, currently resides in Saudi Arabia with his family. Employed in the sales department at one of the multinational companies, he discovered Mahzooz through a friend from Dubai who visited him just last week. Joining Mahzooz only on December 1, Omar's winning streak began immediately on the first draw after registration, when he won Dh40.

Using the prize money to purchase an additional line, Omar’s luck was really beside him as it landed him one of the raffle prizes of Dh100,000, just a week after, in the 158th draw. This win marks the first time Omar has ever won anything of such value, and he plans to use the prize money to travel with his family.

From Ethiopia, the Ajman-based expat, Melkamu is 31, and he has been living in the UAE for the past six years. Working as a private driver, Melkamu discovered his win while watching the draw live on YouTube on Saturday evening.

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Regularly participating for two years, Melkamu has won smaller amounts before, but this is the first time he has won such a substantial prize. With dreams of purchasing a house for his family, a car, and starting a business in Ethiopia, Melkamu is excited about the opportunities his winnings will provide to start realizing these plans.

Aamir, 47, originally from Pakistan, has been residing in Abu Dhabi for 17 years, working as a security and support service manager. Married with three boys, Aamir discovered his win through an email and initially doubted the amount, thinking there was a decimal point error. Unable to keep the news to himself, Aamir called his brother at 1am to relay the news. Worried to have received a call this late, the brother was ecstatic and immediately called home to inform the family. Aamir plans to utilize his winnings for his children's education. Aamir's hobbies include watching documentaries and movies, as well as volunteering for charity work.

For only Dh35, participants can purchase a bottle of Mahzooz Saturday Millions water and enter the weekly draws consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the top prize of Dh20 million, the second prize of Dh150,000, the third prize of Dh150,000, the fourth prize of free Mahzooz line worth Dh35 and the fifth prize of Dh5, as well as the Triple 100 weekly raffle draw, which will grant Dh100,000 every week to three guaranteed raffle winners.

Mahzooz continues to bring joy, dreams, and hope to individuals worldwide, as it seeks to transform lives and fulfill aspirations with each weekly.


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