Dubai: Own a piece of Emirates’ first retired A380

The materials recovery and repurposing activities will be entirely conducted in the UAE.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 1 Nov 2021, 1:48 PM

Last updated: Mon 1 Nov 2021, 1:49 PM

Emirates has signed a contract with UAE-based Falcon Aircraft Recycling to upcycle and recycle its first retired A380 aircraft, which will dramatically reduce landfill waste and impact on the environment.

The materials recovery and repurposing activities will be entirely conducted in the UAE.

The aircraft was delivered to Emirates in July 2008 and it took first commercial flights on Dubai-New York JFK route in August 2008. It made its last commercial flight on March 8, 2020. The aircraft visited 62 airports during its lifespan.

Falcon Aircraft Recycling will design and manufacture unique collectibles and retail items from the materials and parts removed from the aircraft. These items will be launched for sale in phases over the coming months.

"Through this initiative, our customers and fans can take home a piece of aviation history while saving valuable materials from landfill and contributing to a charitable cause through the Emirates Airline Foundation. It's an elegant and fitting retirement solution for this iconic aircraft and our flagship," Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates airline said.

"This is our most ambitious project to date which will see the first deconstruction of an A380 outside of Europe. Approximately 190 tonnes of various metals, plastics, carbon fiber composites and other materials will be removed from the aircraft and passed on for recycling or repurposing via our upcycling programme with Wings Craft. The recovery programme will be delivered fully within the UAE and ensure that the majority of the aircraft will find a second life,” said Andrew Tonks, Director of Falcon Aircraft Recycling.

“Our teams are currently busy with the breakdown and final concepts for the first batch of unique upcycled items. We look forward to unveiling more information on the retail items soon," he said.

The first A380 ever delivered to Emirates was retired from service and brought to the airline's Engineering Centre where Emirates engineers retrieved serviceable components such as engines, landing gears and flight control components. The aircraft was then deregistered and handed over to the Falcon Aircraft Recycling team to begin the process of carefully breaking down the aircraft.

A portion of profits from the sale of all items upcycled and recycled from Emirates' first retired A380 will benefit the Emirates Airline Foundation.

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