Dubai: Man dresses in women's clothing, impersonates officer to steal Dh6,700

Dubai - The unemployed Arab man, 30, committed the crime in Al Rigga.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 20 Jun 2021, 4:55 PM

Last updated: Sun 20 Jun 2021, 9:10 PM

An unemployed Arab man, 30, was arrested and prosecuted on robbery and assault charges after impersonating an undercover police officer to rob an Asian man of Dh6,700 in Al Rigga, Dubai.

During investigations, the victim testified that he had headed to a ATM on the night of the incident at around 1am. He stopped his car to use the machine when the defendant suddenly entered the vehicle and sat in the passenger seat next to the him.

“I thought it was a woman as he wore women's clothing and make-up," the victim said. "But I was shocked to hear the voice of a man speaking.”

The confused victim was taken by surprise when the defendant identified himself by taking out a white card with a police logo on it.

Believing that the defendant was an undercover police officer, the victim followed instructions to drive onto a side street.

“He asked me to pull over and take out my wallet, then snatched all the money out. He then exited the vehicle and told me to drive away,” the victim said.

The defendant allegedly punched the victim twice when he was asked to return the money, half of which belonged to a friend of the victim's.

The victim asserted that he was afraid to resist during the bizarre incident as he believed that the defendant was an undercover police officer.

Police were later alerted about the incident and quickly nabbed the defendant. He was arrested while dressed in women's clothing and was found to be in possession of Dh123,075.

It was also revealed that the defendant had previously committed similar crimes.

The case was referred to criminal court for sentencing.

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