Dubai: Locked-out dog gets rescued in 4 hours after video goes viral, royals praise speedy response

A well-wisher sent volunteers a video of the forlorn husky shut out in an apartment balcony

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Nasreen Abdulla

Published: Mon 8 Aug 2022, 10:22 AM

Last updated: Mon 8 Aug 2022, 10:38 PM

A locked-out dog was recently saved from a Dubai balcony, after his plight went viral.

Dubai royals and residents are lauding the efforts of Stray Dogs Centre, Umm Al Quwain along with the police and municipality for rescuing the husky.

Sheikha Latifa bint Ahmed Al Maktoum publicly appreciated their efforts in a social media post.

Meanwhile, Sheikha Madiya Bint Hasher Bin Manaa Al Maktoum was in touch with authorities and the shelter to support them during the rescue.

Volunteers had been informed of the dog's whereabouts when a well-wisher sent them a video of the forlorn husky shut out in the balcony of an apartment. The video was taken on a peak summer afternoon and showed the dog's faeces scattered around it.

“We were told security had approached the owner to no avail,” said Amirah William, the founder of Stray Dogs Centre. “It was then we decided to turn to social media to gain support.”

An outpour of support followed.

The social media post went viral, receiving over 6,000 views and 500 comments.

A volunteer from the shelter then went to meet with the dog's owner, but there was nobody home.

The shelter then got in touch with the Municipality, which dispatched an animal welfare officer to the building.


Unable to get a response from the apartment Dubai Police was called in. Within four hours of receiving the video, the dog was rescued.

Huskies are dogs that are predominantly found in the polar region and used as sled dogs. Due to their thick coat, summers can be extremely hard on them and could suffer heatstrokes. Owners of huskies are usually asked to provide them with shade, AC and plenty of water during the summer.

“It is unfortunate that some pet owners choose to behave so irresponsibly,” said Amirah William. “My advice is if you cannot show compassion and humanity towards pets then it is better not to have a pet. There is no need for situations like today. If you cannot provide a suitable environment for your pet then please surrender to a rescue organisation.”

She also warned that rules about animal welfare is being strictly enforced. “The royal family is a supporter of animal rescue efforts. Any violation of animal welfare laws is not looked upon lightly.”


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