Dubai: How much does it cost to host a wedding?

The emirate is 15th costliest city in the world to marry in this year


Waheed Abbas

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Published: Mon 25 Jul 2022, 1:35 PM

Last updated: Mon 25 Jul 2022, 7:36 PM

Dubai is the 15th costliest city in the world to host a wedding in 2022, costing $25,463 (Dh93,500), according to a new study.

The Wedding Price Index, released by, analyses two categories that largely encompass the cost of getting married: costs for the couple, incorporating the venue, decoration, photographer, food, cake, and drinks; and costs for guests, incorporating accommodation as well as travel costs from their home country to the wedding destination.

Hussein Gamaleldin, cluster director of sales and marketing, Central Hotels Group, said the wedding is one of those growing segmentation in Dubai even though the cost is a bit hefty but still one of the great choices for various source markets such as India and GCC. “There is a well-observed increase in demand after Covid-19, particularly for resorts with good meeting facilities,” he said.

According to data shared by the Holidu, food is the biggest cost to host a wedding in the emirate which is estimated at $10,400 followed by venue at $7,890, drinks ($4,460), photographer/videographer ($1,250), decoration ($750) and cake ($700).

Elina Belkova, owner of Elegant Moment, a wedding planner, said the cost of the wedding starts at Dh1 million and can be as high as one can afford.

“It depends on the number of people as well. We have packages with 20 guests of $300,000 and we have also arranged events of 300 people with a $300,000 budget,” she said.

Since weddings are curated according to the demands of the couples, Arun Bablani, owner and founder of Vivaah Weddings, said it’s “next to impossible to have a set package.”

Globally, lesser-known cities such as The Hamptons in the US, Positano in Italy and Fogo Town in Canada are the costliest place to host a wedding, costing 80 per cent more than Dubai.

Paris, Venice, New York, London and Los Angeles are the 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th costliest destinations for weddings.


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