Dubai: Expat wins Dh100,000 in Mahzooz draw on birthday, says 2022 will be 'best year of my life'

"I never thought I'd have Dh100,000 to my name when I turned 25," Pakistani expat Asim said.

(L-R) Asim, Sony and Zohaib
(L-R) Asim, Sony and Zohaib

A Staff Reporter

Published: Fri 7 Jan 2022, 12:49 PM

Last updated: Fri 7 Jan 2022, 11:18 PM

All three winners of Mahzooz's raffle draw were ecstatic after winning Dh100,000, but it was Pakistani expat Asim who had twice the reason to celebrate.

His windfall arrived on his birthday, which happens to fall on January 1. The Abu Dhabi resident called his win at the 58th weekly Mahzooz draw "the best birthday gift ever."

"I never thought I'd have Dh100,000 to my name when I turned 25," he said. "Now, thanks to Mahzooz, 2022 will be the best year of my life."

Asim, who works in real estate, said the winnings will help him achieve his dreams of expanding his business.

Recollecting the life-changing moment, he said: "I was at work watching the draw show with my colleagues. The seven of us started dancing when my name came up on the screen. The fact that I won such a huge amount in just my second time participating is proof that Mahzooz walks the talk."

He added that several people in his friend circle have won Mahzooz prizes. "The Dh50 million winner, Junaid, is a friend of a friend and his amazing story inspired me to participate and believe that anything is possible."

Another winner, Kuwait resident Sony, is in agreement. His own Mahzooz win proved to him that miracles are possible.

“I was praying to God on Saturday evening to send me a solution for my financial troubles. Then minutes later, I scrolled through Mahzooz’s Instagram stories and saw my name. I was stunned,” said the Indian nurse.

Sony, a regular participant, said he admires Mahzooz’s affordability. “Dh35 is the amount I spend on a biryani. Now, that reasonable amount will help me pay off loans and live stress-free. I’m so thankful to amazing Mahzooz for giving me a new life this new year.”

Besides affordability, it’s Mahzooz’s revised game design that Zohaib, another Pakistani winner, commends.


“The raffle draw gives participants double the chances to win. I can’t recommend Mahzooz enough to everyone,” said the Dubai-based marketing manager who found out about his win through a phone call from a friend.

While he has no concrete plans for his winning amount, Zohaib said he'll use it to buy property back home. All three winners said they will use their prize amount to help the needy and ensure others also have a great start to 2022.

The 58th weekly live Mahzooz draw also saw 20 winners share the grand draw's Dh1million second prize, taking home Dh50,000 each. The top prize of Dh10 million is still up for grabs in the upcoming draw on January 8 at 9pm.

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