Dubai: Driver jailed for hijacking truck, stealing copper cables worth Dh1.5 million

Both the accused and the buyer he sold the stolen goods to will be deported after completing their respective sentences


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Sun 6 Nov 2022, 2:05 PM

A driver has been arrested for stealing a truck belonging to the company he worked for, seizing its cargo containing copper cables worth Dh1.5 million, and selling it to another buyer.

The Dubai Misdemeanours and Violations Court convicted both the driver and the buyer, sentencing them to one year and one month in prison, respectively. Both will be deported after the completion of their sentences.

The court also ordered them to pay a joint amount of Dh1.5 million to the company the driver stole from.

According to police reports from last August, the manager of a transport company reported the theft of a truck carrying a load of copper cables worth Dh1.5 million. He stated that the company's supervisor had informed him that communication with the truck driver, who was tasked with delivering the shipment to Sharjah, had suddenly been interrupted.

The manager added that the cables, belonging to a general contracting company, had been loaded onto the truck to be transported to another site, as per a contract between both parties – but before this could be carried out, the accused hijacked the truck and stole the goods.

Case files show that a team of investigators was able to locate the truck and the stolen cables, arresting both the driver and the buyer who had bought them.

The Dubai Misdemeanours and Violations Court convicted both, ordering the driver to be imprisoned in absentia for one year. The buyer was sentenced to imprisonment of one month, along with a fine of Dh80,000.

Finally, both men were ordered to return Dh1.5 million to the company they stole from, and they will be deported from the state after serving their sentences.


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