Dubai drive offers simple tips to help you eat healthy

Dubai - 'Know Your Calories' initiative launched.


By Staff Reporter

Published: Sat 19 Dec 2020, 10:30 AM

Last updated: Sat 19 Dec 2020, 10:35 AM

In a bid to encourage healthy eating among the city’s residents, the Dubai Municipality (DM) has launched a ‘Know Your Calories’ initiative.

The government department took to Twitter to announce the launch of the new initiative on Saturday, December 19.

It said: “The Know Your Calories initiative’ aims to help consumers have a healthier life and enhance the community's awareness about the importance of calorie count and calculating it according to a healthy and proper diet.”

The civic body provided residents with a few tips to tweak homemade recipes into healthier ones:

>> Use leaner cuts of meats

>> Reduce the amount of oil used, and measure it with a spoon instead of pouring it directly from the bottle

>> Use reduced fat-free alternatives to milk – such as yogurt, labneh, and cheese

>> Consume whole fruits rather than fruit juices, because a whole fruit has fewer calories and higher fibre content.

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