Dubai: Can you buy, name a star after your loved ones? Don't fall for scam, says expert

Rumours suggest that even Nasa offers a similar service; however, Al Hariri has rejected such claims


Ruqayya Al Qaydi

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Published: Sun 12 May 2024, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 12 May 2024, 10:10 PM

Have you seen the viral video of an Arab man at his wedding, announcing that he is gifting his wife a star in the sky? If you have a similar plan, think again.

"It’s nothing but a big scam,” Hassan Al Hariri, the CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group said to Khaleej Times. Several websites and online advertisements trick people into buying stars for hefty prices, ranging from $200 to $1,000. These scammers even give their victims a certificate claiming that they own the star.

"Stars cannot be bought or sold, and the concept of purchasing a star with a certificate of ownership is misleading and fraudulent," he said.

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Despite rumours suggesting that even Nasa (US Space Agency) offers a similar service, Al Hariri rejected such claims, noting: "Nasa has never offered such a service."

Star protocol

Al Hariri explained that stars are "named by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) according to strict protocols and guidelines, rendering any notion of personal ownership nonsensical.”

The repercussions of this scam extend beyond monetary loss. Al Hariri recounted individuals reaching out to the organisation, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars purportedly named after them, only to discover that these celestial entities are either too minuscule to be observed with telescopes or entirely non-existent.

"Unfortunately, we had to inform them that such activities are scams, and stars with their personalised names simply do not exist.”


Al Hariri warned residents to be cautious and urged them not to fall for such scams.

He said: “Stars cannot be bought or sold, and any offers claiming otherwise are fraudulent. It's essential to thoroughly research and verify the legitimacy of such claims before engaging in any transactions."


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