Dubai businessman pays for Kerala flood hero's trip to UAE

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Dubai - The businessman offered him and his family an all-expenses paid trip after seeing his act of kindness.

By Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Mon 19 Aug 2019, 9:49 PM

Last updated: Tue 20 Aug 2019, 10:46 AM

Noushad, the Indian street vendor who has become a social media sensation for his generosity during a Kerala relief drive, has accepted an invitation to fly to the UAE.
And he is hoping that with his visit, he would inspire many others to donate towards rescue and rebuilding operations in the south Indian state of Kerala. Noushad, a textile dealer and street vendor, shot to fame after giving away several sacks of clothes and dress materials for flood victims. Inspired by Noushad's act of kindness, Dubai-based Malayali businessman Afi Ahmed offered him and his family an all-expenses paid UAE trip.
"His gesture has touched my heart," Ahmed said on Facebook, announcing that he would be donating Rs100,000 and a trip to Dubai to Noushad and his family.
It was an offer that Noushad had initially turned down and requested Ahmed to extend the funds towards flood relief instead.
But when Ahmed explained that his presence in the UAE would encourage more expats to donate and support relief drives, the humble vendor graciously accepted the invitation. Ahmed, managing director of Smart Travel, went from his hometown in Kannur to Ernakulam to meet with Noushad. Now, he and his family are just completing necessary documents, including passports, so they can travel to Dubai.
When he gave away the clothes that he was selling without flinching, Noushad didn't expect any reward at all - much less social media fame. "I was heartbroken when I saw the slow response from people who were collecting relief supplies. That's when I opened my storeroom and gave whatever I could without thinking about losses," he said.
The video of Noushad filling up the bags in a relief drive quickly went viral on social media. 
"I did not expect all these to happen. It's very overwhelming. I got a lot of calls from people in the Gulf, US, and other countries saying they want to help me open a shop.
I have politely declined all the invitations," he said. During the floods, he distributed large bundles of brand new clothes, especially for small children from his shop in Broadway, Ernakulam, an area in Kerala. 
Today, Noushad is launching a new store in Broadway, and from this shop, Ahmed has pledged to purchase Rs100,000 worth of clothes.

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